She Loved❤️

5838B7EE-5621-4755-9FFF-9C35F3E7A2CC“She loved too much, and you could see it in her eyes: where she kept all the hearts she put ahead of her own.” ~Ariana

Simple as that. Without reserve, without question, without expecting anything back in return. This was who she was. It was the very air that she breathed. She loved us step-kids, but more than anything, she loved my father.

She grew up knowing what it was to sacrifice. She took care of those she loved. In their latter years, both her parents, the elderly, and raised her 5 children, mostly by herself, while working and sewing in a garment factory. She was strong and fearless!

She was a giving person. From the time she entered mine and my 5 brothers and sisters lives, we didn’t leave her house without taking something back home with us. A few garden vegetables, a bowl of her melt-in-your-mouth homemade dumplings… We each were given a handmade quilt for Christmas one year, and several over the years, as well as, our children. This was one of her greatest hobbies. Quilting and homemade dumplings!

She lived in the skin of “love others, as self.” She lived it right on up to the ripe age of 93.

She was a giver of advice.. She told you like it was, whether you wanted to hear it or not. She didn’t hold anything back! We kids, loved her for it. We knew she was trying to help, not harm.

There is no greater thing in this life than to love and be loved…To leave a mark on others that would etch so deep, that the sands of time could not cover it or take it away.

Yes, she loved. Deeply. Truly. Truthfully. With every fiber of her being. And we loved HER-dearly- right back! ❤️

(The above picture is the very first of the few times she got to see and hold my first grandson, John Easton. He was fussing when I first put him in her arms, but immediately hushed, and looked at her with visible love! #preciousmemory #loveatfirstsight)

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