Broken into Beautiful

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Broken isn’t beautiful when it steps through your door.

Turning the knob, it enters. Silently slips under the covers of your soul. Plumps the pillows and makes itself at home.

With watchful eyes that peer through picturesque windows, lining walls in your restful haven.

From the corner of your heart you glance. Pretending it’s not there. No sound uttered.

Rain falls softly outside the windows. Together as TWO, watch the scene unfold. Scared to move. Don’t dare move!

Delicate Butterfly appears. Rain turns to storm. Storm turns to hurricane. Butterfly clings to the hedge just outside the window.

Limbs sway wildly, but Butterfly hangs on. Wind howls, but Butterfly holds on. Storm rages, but Butterfly’s faith hopes on.


  1. Old houses aren’t beautiful but transformed by the hands of the builder ! They become something that can be used. Sometimes we have to be broken ,unused , and going to waste to be found . That’s when he the creator rebuilds us into that beautiful thing he sees us to be!

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  2. Your baby brother caught the essence, didn’t he? ” Sometimes we have to be broken ,unused , and going to waste to be found.” Yes, I am so glad you were inspired to write this, Renee. It is beautiful, indeed!

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