🎶Jesus on the Main Line…🎵

Hello sweet friends! It’s another hot scorcher here in the South! 94 degrees to be exact!

Stay hydrated my friends!💦 💧

…….Most of you can probably sing the rest of the verses…. ‘Jesus on the mainline, tell Him what you want!’

He already knows your every care, but He longs to hear your voice–for that mainline just between Him and you!

Be encouraged today. God really is listening. Never doubt that!

Hang in there! Never give up on His plans for your life!–Those plans are to prosper and not harm you! To give you a HOPE and a FUTURE! He will never give up on you!

So now you know why you are fighting the fight of your life right now–but you are strong, and you WILL do valiantly!!!


If you were a fly on my wall, you would probably think I’m talking to myself, but I’m just talking with my Jesus.

I tell Him ALLL, 👀 and I do mean all, my troubles…I tell Him how much I need Him, how much I love Him, how my heart is hurting for my loved ones, and I give Him my praise and worship.

Just a little talk with Jesus will make it right… And it will ALL be alright… That line to Him is never too busy!!! Dial him up!💃🎶🎵✌️ ✌️ ✌️

Jesus on the Mainline—Norman Hutchins


  1. Good to touch base with you sweet words again. We are in northern Mn. and it is cool and rainy but we head back to Ca. in a few days to some dry heat. So thankful I have a main line to Him through His shed blood on Calvary. Blessings.

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  2. Hey it’s so good to hear from you again my friend!! I have a niece who is in MN, right now, an outreach for their church. She has posted a lot of snow this past year! I would probably croak if I had to be cold all the time!…and yes, so thankful for the mainline through His precious Blood! 🙌🌻


  3. O Lord, make me so hot for you that the corn I hold turn to popcorn. Corn also refers to the Word of God, I’m inspired to interpret popcorn as manifestation of fruits in my life for His glory. Praise God and Amen! 😀

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