King & Queen For The Day 🐼

Well, I hope this was a fine summer day for you, my friends! It has rained the later part of the afternoon and just quit not long ago–complete with thunder and lightning. 😦

A doctor’s appointment was on the agenda today, so into the city my kid brother and I went. I got my first allergy shot. 😢

After the tests I had done with my last scare, I realized my $500 deductible had probably been met…almost…anyways. 🙄

So my bloodwork was tested for airborne allergies. Turns out I’m highly allergic to dust.

But the strange part is, when I told the nurse I couldn’t understand why the test didn’t show my allergy to cigarette smoke (and most other smoke), she says, “Oh we don’t test for that. Most everyone is allergic to that. There is no cure for it.”

Well, glory be!🤷‍♀️ I guess shoot this poor horse and put it out its misery! 😂🐴 🤦🏼‍♀️

There are a few more things I know I’m allergic to, that apparently was not tested for.

Wild honeysuckle. (And I love the smell!😩😭 So, I just have to get my fix from honeysuckle candles or wax warmers–don’t worry, it’s not the real scent, so I’m good 🙂)

Cedar breaks my hands out if I don’t wear gloves. Bleach bathroom cleaner messes with my sinuses these days. Some food allergies as well.

It seems we have to help ourselves these days! But anyways, moving along…

My brother and I stopped in for Chinese at Panda Express. Neither of us had eaten there before. I have eaten at several other Chinese restaurants, but this had a small Piccadilly cafeteria feel.

Lil Bro is famous for giving me the ole ‘Rabbit Ears’ pose!

Bro got the Kung Pao Chicken (something with hot peppers) and mine was the Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp. 😋 He’s killing those chop-sticks by the way! I had my trusty fork!

We both got the Chow Mein noodles, and I got the crispy wonton appetizer.😜

It was good to spend one-on-one time with just my brother and me–even if it was for a doctors visit.

I hit a 50% off sale for my new grandson who is still baking in the oven 🙂 It won’t be long till the baby shower!

Well, I’m about to turn in for the night. We are heading out of state tomorrow to see my daughter, Angel and the Grands! Easton will be starting kindergarten this year.🥳😢

Sweet dreams my friends! 😴


    • Thanks Debbie! I’m not looking forward to giving myself shots soon at all! 😩Sorry you have allergies too! They are a bummer!
      😢 Yes my bro kept me straight today! I got a little loopy after the shot. My nose closed up with scratchy throat, almost lost my voice. And got red spots all over my neck. I guess it will get better as I get immune to what I’m allergic to…hopefully anyways…


    • I love all nature smells…I’m still going to enjoy them, regardless. 😜 At least I will die happy! And didn’t notice anything on his hat like what’s in the pic. I wonder if that was a sun spot? No telling! 😂

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  1. Haha bunny ear pose. 😊 Your post made me hungry! Kung Poa Chicken…..mmmm. My mother-in-law makes grea Kung Poa! It’s been a long time since I’ve had it. *drools*

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  2. Allergies are awful! 😭 I’m super sensitive too Renee.

    Panda express is soooo good! My dad LOVES that walnut shrimp.

    Great pictures! 💕

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  3. We’ve been having storms where we live, too! I’m allergic to most things out in nature, although not dangerously (to my knowledge) – I just sneeze, get itchy, etc. the one food I’m allergic to is lobster 😬 which is alright, since I’ve never tried it and am not interested in doing so now, lol!

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    • Maggie, So sorry to hear you have been having storms as well! And sorry to hear of the allergies! I love lobster! 😢Allergies are no fun! I just got my second shot today. I have the same symptoms you have, but when it’s severe, I will claw the outside of my nose till it’s raw because it itches so bad, clear my throat excessively, nose swells inside (closes up) and also runs and my brain feels so foggy I can’t focus or think. I even ache all over and have terrible headaches! It’s terrible!

      One time, I actually had an allergic reaction to some work that was done on our living room ceiling. It’s a popcorn kind of ceiling and they had to repair a crack. Now I know why I had the allergic reaction, being I know now that I’m highly allergic to dust! I got hives, and my eyes rolled back in my head, according to my sister. That resulted in an ER visit. I hope you never have to find out how you react to eating lobster! 😱🙏

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