Walking Like An Egyptian in Pink High Tops — 😜

Walking Like An Egyptian in Pink High Tops — 😜

…wasn’t very easy for a small-town girl like me back in the 80’s! 👠

This is for you Dragon Warrior–at your request…a glimpse into my world as a teenager, a walk in my shoes…I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish it before you stopped blogging!😭 Maybe you will see it one day and know that I love you sweet girl! I will be praying for you till then!~Renee

Sophie Dragon Warrior @ Den of Dreams

And for my own equally sweet, beautiful and talented Baby Girl! I’m proud of you kid! I love you Big as the sky! 😁🤗😘💜 You will move mountains one day–no doubt! 🤗 This is for you, too! Chelsea at Lily of the Virgo

Check her blog out and give her a little follow! 💜💛💚💙

Straight from the 80’s, is one journey of a bubble-headed bleach blonde’s Neon teenage years! –(inserts credits to Sun-In hair-lightner here😂)

Walk Like an Egyptian/Bangles

At the genesis of it all was the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, that I devoured from cover to cover. It’s there, I first discovered a love for pink high tops and the 80’s fashion craze that would soon sweep over the nation like a flood.

I HAD to own a pair! Never mind you that I was extremely, awkward and shy, underweight, financially challenged AND unpopular. Not a good combination at all! Also, the fact that there was no one else in my school wearing a pair was a HUGE problem.

White tennis shoes all the cheerleaders were wearing, complete with friendship pins and neon colored-shoestrings, were very popular at my school at the time. We didn’t have much money, and the added expense of mounting medical bills with my Mom’s cancer treatments, left me GRATEFUL to even be able to receive a knock-off pair in pink and also in turquoise blue.

The only excuse I had left was getting brave enough to wear them! Picture if you will, the stunned gasps and giggles emitting all up and down the halls and near the lockers, as I scrambled by!

My newfound bravery and fashion sense didn’t make nowhere near as good an impression as Molly Ringwald did starring in “Pretty in Pink.”

Those Psychedelic neon colors will forever be etched in my mind like a Light Bright! If you know what those things were. Right up there with the nation’s question of “Who shot J.R.” in the tv show, Dallas. Here is a link to some of those tv shows, including cartoons.

Top 100 80’s Shows


Cassette players like these were a part of the hottest bedroom decor around! 😎

I owned a purple one like this, which was one of my top fav colors! Jade was my favorite and still is! I also loved electric blue and neon purple.

Thinking back to those happy, sunny days, I had to giggle out loud at what we called buffont hairdos! They were teased to the high heavens and spray painted with Aqua Net hairspray!

Oh those posters on the walls of heartthrobs that we first fell in love with! Mine was John Stamos and Miles O’Keefe! (Tarzan) Among a few…😂 I thought they were an awesome hunk of beefcake back then!😂 Some of you are like “Ewwww! Gag a maggot on a gut wagon!” But I’m like, “Fer Sure, like totally!”

Don’t get me started on how those red slippers up above almost got me into a fight with a popular girl! 🤣 I chose to ignore her comments and let it go…😂

Some of my pictures are getting old. They have age spots lol.😂

Banana clips were the latest rage, hair scrunchies, oversized bows for the hair–fingerless gloves, (I wore the lace kind in my Senior Prom) the rubik’s cube, neon colors, outfits with huge shoulder pads, parachute pants for the guys, skinny jeans, bangle earrings and bracelets, rubber bracelets, penny loafers–perms!

We wanted to sing and dance, (and even break dance) like all our favorites–Madonna, Wham, Prince, Journey, Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson and many many more!…trends…💋🙄🎶📷

Of all the places I’ve ever lived, this little humble home was my very favorite! My bedroom was above the front porch. We bought it as a fixer-upper right before a major hurricane wiped out the electricity for weeks! The chimney got some damage and there’s still an uprooted tree in the backyard in this pic. The tin roof had just been replaced here and a levee was in the process of being built by the creek bank.

Ahhh those mullet haircuts! We all marched to that beat! Somewhere between “Jenny, I got your number (867-5309)” and “Walking Like An Egyptian,” was where you discovered your “True Colors,” or just wanted to stay an invisible “Karma Chameleon.

Look at that perm!…Graduation Day. Long Day. Tired.

My favorite jean jacket. I guess this must have been before my Bling make-over. I had put all kinds of antique brooches on it.

So long, dudes and dudettes!!!…We have come to the end…Thank you for “Walking With Me Like An Egyptian” for a while in my pink high tops–small town–80’s “Flash Dance” kinda World…

Until next time…

Hang Loose!


Class of 1986


  1. That is awesome, I love it! It was rad growing up in the 80s! Love seeing all the classic stuff! I went to Michael Jackson’s concert here in Denver when he was on his Thriller tour. It was incredible! I even wore the replica white glove for a few days afterwards!😂 Movies like The Karate Kid and Top Gun were great too! The 80s were totally rad dude! 😂 Love your photos! God bless!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think it was the best times ever! Ryan, did you ever conquer the Moonwalk? We tried our level best….never came even close to Michael Jackson’s!😂 He was the bomb! And that white glove!😆😀 Those two movies were among my favorites…And what about that Tom Cruise slide in socks! We tried that one, too😆 And yeah…totally RAD! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the memories!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Renee loved this post I’m an 80’s girl ! Didn’t have the pink sneakers but did have the big hair … yes a bottle of hairspray didn’t last long lol. Oh Madonna and Ace of Base loved !! It was nice to go back with you lol🙂💕

    Liked by 1 person

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