Hi Ya! 👋🏼

It’s been a busy few weeks! I haven’t been able to post much I know. Having a newborn in the house to spoil is right up this Nonna’s alley! We are exhausted but happy! 😃 😊 😆 😇👼

They are staying with us for a while, so I get lots of cuddles! 💙You know what they say….It takes a village…to raise children these days! So that means we take shifts doing anything that needs to be done. Eating, bathroom breaks, cooking, etc. He won’t let my daughter put him down! Spoiled already! 😁

💜Chelsea and Silas 💙

There are plenty doc appointments and a few this week. Lots of laundry for baby and feedings.

I am finally getting over the vertigo I have battled for a while now. I owe it to going up for prayer last Sunday. 👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

And then there was that mishap this weekend from Aunt Ruthie taking a fall….She kissed the pavement heading back to her car from eating out with her friend. Stumping her bad foot, she fell and broke her wrist and bumped her head on the bumper of her car! She had two trips to the ER this weekend. The second one being in so much pain the following day from being bruised up. She is getting so feeble. 😢🙏🏼

I’m so thankful we got this pic the day before the fall! Silas is her great great nephew!
My little cutie! 🐘
Angel sent me this pic of Lena. Her hair was mussed up, and was standing on end lol, but I loved it! 💜 She is growing so much! We need to take a 2 1/2 hour road trip soon to see my other grands!

Well, that is all for now…I have lots of pics and thoughts to share…Hopefully soon! Tomorrow and the next day will be another early morning, so I will have to play it by ear…

Love and prayers to all! 💜😘🤗


  1. Your daughter is fortunate to have you giving her a helping hand. Your new grandson clearly already has his Nonna wrapped around his little finger though I do admit he’s seriously cute. Enjoy this special time and just shoot a few more photos our way until you have time to return to us.

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    • You are so sweet Sheree! Thank you so much! He certainly has me wrapped! I will be in and out and may post when I get a spare moment here and there. Will send pics here and there, too! 🙂💜🤗Thanks again for you kind words. 😊

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  2. My Mom always said that if she had known how much fun it was to have grandchildren she would’ve skipped having children! 😉 I must agree with her because grandchildren are simply the greatest blessing!

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