Holy Moly It’s a Ghost! 👻


My bad!!! It was just the neighborhood “Sheep Walker,” looks more like an English sheep dog to me!

Here’s one for ya Steve. Why did the sheep cross the road? To get to the other side, of course! (Literally the truth!) It was trying to get back through the fence. He/she comes and goes as it pleases! And makes its home with the neighbor’s cow and horses! 🤦‍♀️ A regular Hoodini it is!

Only in my home town could one get stuck in traffic behind a tractor! My church is just up ahead of it to the right. If you look closely, you can see the sign. Lighthouse.

Cow is not a-Moo-zed!
Turn over a new leaf- Just take your pick. There are plenty to choose from here! 😆
B & W’s remind me of the yesteryears. 🐮 🐄

Just because I’m Southern, yesterday’s post reminded me of this old Geico commercial…. Enjoy… Pothole


  1. Making fun of me and my jokes now.😂😂😹😹I’ll let you get away with it. A wandering sheep ghost, well, that’s mutton to be afraid of. Looks like a nice quiet country type town. Enjoy your day Renee!

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  2. I needed a laugh. I have never driven a tractor through town. I rode in a trailer behind one while my sister tried to drive one to town, but that’s a long story. Thanks for the laugh – the ghost, turning a new leaf, etc. I really needed it today.

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      • The tractor isn’t that funny, but not tragic either. My aunt was visiting. The adults went in separate cars to put flowers on graves that had been abandoned. The kids, my cousins, my siblings, and me, were assigned a task of clearing a field. We were pulling weeds, cutting down trees, etc. My brother suggested a mid-morning break. He pulled out a sack of apples and his pocket knife. He cut pieces of apple for all six of us. Then a horse fly buzzed around and bit his leg. He swatted it, not remembering he still was holding his knife. It was a nasty cut, needing stitches. All the cars were gone, so my sister climbed into the tractor. My brother laid on the trailer. My cousins and I, much younger, took turns putting compression on the wound while the others waved at passing motorists. After a couple of miles down the road, one motorist realized that we weren’t on a joy ride. They put my brother in their car and drove him to town while my sister turned around and took us home. Simpler days then. We wouldn’t trust a stranger with our injured brother today. The hospital wouldn’t stitch him up without an insurance card or ID, but in those days, you didn’t even think about that. Oh, my brother survived, and continued playing football.

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  3. Renee, your words and photos take me back to some memories several years ago in Montana.

    There used to be a highway which traveled through open range country. This means there are no fences to keep the livestock away from the road. I was driving there once at night when suddenly along the side of the road . . . the face of a cow. Fortunately, the lower speed limit gave me more time to see.

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  4. That was a close one! I have heard of people hitting cows at night, because they could not see them till it was upon them! I’m glad it did not get hit and go through your windshield! That was God’s protecting hand on you!


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