✌🏼Peace in the Valley

Happy Sunday to all 🙂 Always, Renee

Smile/ Sidewalk Prophets

My Life Is In Your Hands/Kirk Franklin


  1. Love that song. It’s a happy song🥰💃

    Appreciate you so much sweet friend. You are such an inspiration and a blessing. Hope you guys have a wonderful New Year 🎉 God bless you. Big hugs💗🙏🏻

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    • Thank you Nicole! When I looked over and saw the name of the song as I was driving down the road, I knew I had to share! I felt like it was my theme song! We have to learn to smile through every storm. It’s a choice to choose “happy” in every circumstance. Not always easy but doable! Thank you for your encouragement! It makes me want to keep pressing on! And you are very much inspirational! Your posts always speak to my heart. Happy New Year! I wish you a greater, healthier and more prosperous year! 🥳 Much love! ❤️

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      • Yea I have a couple other songs like that one. I call them my happy songs. Cus they make you want to get up and dance around and feel joyful on the inside. Jamie Grace Beautiful Day is one. One Drop by Plumb and there’s one more I can’t think of.

        Thank you, you as well sweet friend. It’s your year to Flourish….so flourish baby flourish! 💗🙏🏻🙌🏻


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