Happy Dad’s Day in Heaven😇

Happy Fathers Day to all you wonderful Dads out there! 🎩👔🎣

Have a blessed day!!!

Last pic, I think, we took together.
Army mechanic and Sargent
Navy pic at top. Dad was at Pearl Harbor on the ship, USS St. Louis, “The Lucky Lou.” Fought in WWII and Korean War.
Dad to the far right.
My Big Sis, Little Bro, and me in red and white gingham checked outfit, sitting by Daddy.


  1. Awwwww Precious beyond words Renee! 💜💜💜 My Beloved Daddy is in Heaven too and I look forward to joining Him in God’s sweet time amen! Till then, I forever celebrate him in my heart! Ohhhh GOD IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD INDEED HE BLESSED US WITH SUCH AMAZING LOVING DADS WHOM WE LOVE WITH ALL OUR HEARTS!!!!!! ⭐️💫⭐️💫⭐️💫

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