Hand Sanitizer, Pure Heart, Clean Hands 🤍

So many are forgetting their P’s & Q’s these days. When you dress for the day, don’t forget to wear Love that is shed abroad in our hearts. 💜👗👔

Angela says it so well in her latest post. It will do your heart good to go read and give her a little follow while you’re at it! 3 Things to Remember When Iniquity Abounds

Not the original Coffee Pot restaurant sign
An old restored service station now the Chamber of Commerce building
Silas Dante~What is THAT?!
I guess I was mistaken…this is not the same yellow butterfly I’ve been seeing this week fluttering around. I snapped this one a few weeks ago.
I can’t believe we got a decent shot in that session of wiggle worms! 💜
Adelena Renae the Boss of the bunch!
B & W shot
Isaac Weston who thinks he is as big as his Big Bro
Mother’s Day gifts from the grands! See the heart in Isaac’s blue hand?…not planned…💙
John Easton graduated Kindergarten!
Kylo Ren Evangeline Smiley! 💘

Let us not fail to show God’s love EVERY. Single. Day.


      • It’s rough everywhere! My hubby says it’s so hot at the shipyard where he is working. He almost had to come home yesterday….and having to wear a mask out in it…. prayers for you guys who work hard every day!

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      • Drinking plenty of water & a thing of apple juice everyday😊 Got to have that vitamin C.

        I understand. It about whooped me Monday. I had to stop and find a windy shady spot and chill for a few. Then today one of the guys almost passed out ☹️

        Oh gosh, he has to wear a mask too?!? Couldn’t do it!

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      • It’s rough for sure! When you have gotten to the point of almost passing out, it’s time to get a break from the heat! A friend’s husband and my baby brother both passed out years back at work. My brother was standing against a wall and slid down it to a sitting position, it was so hot! Ambulances had to be called in both situations. I’m glad you are taking in the vitamin c. I can’t imagine if a mask had been thrown in the mix! 😱

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    • Now I can see us both doing that, Mark! 😂 That’s too funny! The Coffee Pot restaurant is actually a few buildings over. There’s not much parking over there, and this place is just a big parking lot across from the original Coffee Pot, which is a Chinese restaurant now. It serves as a big parking lot for all the businesses on Main Street. The sign must be to showcase our town history like that service station. Thanks for always giving me a chuckle!

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