Lover of My Soul 🐚

A heart in the cloud on the bottom right

“Even when I fall a thousand times, He won’t let go, He won’t let go.”

My latest binge listen

Yesterday was a much needed get-away for me. A trip to the ocean with sand in my toes. There’s nothing better, unless you count in a trip to the Smokey Mountains.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I fell when the waves came crashing to shore, pulling my legs out from under me.

And the waves went clean over my head a couple times, leaving me tasting saltwater on my lips.

The weather was not as sunny as I would have liked. Rain made its appearance several times. And a storm was on the way.

But isn’t that LIFE a lot of times?

The waves of adversity knock us down, and the waters of affliction go clean over our heads.

But the Lover of our Soul steps in every single time and pulls us back on our feet.

Can you see the hearts?
Reminded me of Burn the Ships by For King and Country
Another heart
Hearts galore! 💜💕🥰 Can you see the one on the bottom, the dark shell? It looks like a painted heart.
My sign at work. I have a beach theme. 😄 My wish to you!💜💕

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend. Jesus loves you. He’s the Lover of your Soul.


    • Richard, I guess being able to go to the ocean is a blessing I’ve taken for granted. It’s truly healing for the soul. I hope you make a trip to the closest one near you next summer. Until then, I’m glad you have your memories. Thanks for the peace wishes! God Bless!


  1. Always loved collecting shells on our frequent jaunts to the beach, during our 40 years in FL. You sure found a lot of them shaped like hearts! We never tire of the Smoky Mountains either. Perhaps you already knew that Michael Hyatt (former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing) calls the outdoors “God’s living room”. Between the Lord’s water feature of the ocean and his furniture of mountains, his “home” is full of reminders of how much he loves us!

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    • Nancy thank you for stopping in! I know you have great memories then, being you went so much while in FL. The FL beaches are so beautiful! The mountains are beautiful, too. I’ve only been there once. Would love to go back.
      What a lovely thought from Michael Hyatt! I’ve never heard it! Thanks for sharing that with me! 💜 God’s living room is magnificent! 💜💕


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