I Was Made for You💘

David Huff, from the Christian band, David and the Giants—his wife on the left and my friend, Sandra on the right.

We ran into someone special while staying at our hotel for a Ladies Retreat this past weekend.

I’m taking you back old school right here!😜 …. 80’s music💜

I think this one is my favorite!💜

I really never listened to this band back when I first started going to church in the late 80’s. The ones I did hear were more harder rock. I preferred—and still do—softer pop Christian music.

My friend in the pic grew up in church. She absolutely loved them and attended several of their concerts when she was a teen.

As we were sitting in the dining room Saturday eating breakfast, Sandra looked up and saw a man taking luggage out the front entrance. There was a woman who had followed and entered the dining area. Sandra saw the t-shirt she had on and knew who the man was.

But she had to ask. “WAS THAT DAVID HUFF??!!”😲

The woman replied with a big grin on her face, “Yes it is!”

When David came back in, I told her she had to get a pic with. And then later on when we stopped off to eat at a restaurant on the way home, his brother, Rayburn—who is also in the band—and his family were eating there also! Two divine appointments!

My second favorite
Our church ladies who attended the Ladies Retreat this year. It was called, “Adored” by the God who sees me.

We were so blessed by this conference! God really met with us in a special way.

The theme was centered around taking care of our well-being. Our mental health and getting the rest our body needs.

They discussed topics like depression and anxiety and the aspects of meds when needed. This was a much needed topic for today’s world. So many are facing these issues alone. Suicide is on an all time high.

Shame is the main factor for not seeking help right away. We sometimes don’t want to admit we are struggling in our issues.

We are quick to take meds for blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and other issues though, but people find it hard to understand the brain’s well-being is just as important, if not more, as any other organ in their body.

So, I will reemphasize here the importance of taking care of yourself.

And casting all your cares on Jesus.

Because He really cares for you.

BELIEVE THAT, my friend!🥰 ✝️

Happy Anniversary to me 😆

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. God Bless!


  1. Sounds like a very important topic that was addressed at the retreat. As you said Renee, very much needed to be spoken about within the church.
    Congrats on four years of blogging 🎉

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  2. Happy anniversary on your blog!! The retreat sounds like it was great! Such an important topic that I wish more people would discuss for encouragement, (so here it goes….) I finally found an antidepressant/anxiety med combo that seems to be making a positive difference.
    If our “feel good” hormones are out of whack it’s sure hard to understand our emotions…taking inventory of our mentality health makes a difference, even if it means adding a prescription med to our daily routine. I can better think and focus on God since finding the right rx and now that I’m feeling good my hope is being renewed through His word!!!!🙏❤️

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    • Wow! This is wonderful news, Alicia! I’m so happy you are feeling hopeful and inspired by taking care of yourself! Any time we can think more clearly and still be able to focus on God is a win-win situation! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😁🥰 And this may help someone who is worried about not being able to feel God while taking an antidepressant!anxiety med. Thank you for sharing this news! 🙏🏼🍁

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