Waiting for the Day!

(Originally written July 22, 2009) (August 1, 2009 at 10:57 AM Facebook reblog)

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It’s 5:50 a.m., and I’m waiting for the day. I’ve been lying in bed, talking to God, upset about something or other…And those words just came to me–waiting for the day.

At times it seems that we can’t sleep, (or get back to sleep in my case) or have greater faith, or get over things. We ponder the situation over and over in our minds. Do we worry or do we choose to trust God?

Life keeps rolling along–the moments, the seconds…don’t stop. We know that the hourglass of time stops for no one…so we wait for the day–to come, when we can arise from our beds of worry, fear, disappointment, and never doubt again. We try to occupy our hands and thoughts, so that we won’t have to look too closely at what’s bothering us, and we wear our masks in this masquerade.

We pray. We watch. We believe. We continue to live–and we wait for the day.

There IS coming a day when we will wipe our tears and cry no more. It will be the last day. The last sigh. The end of all pain. The day when we see face to face with The One who has brought us through all our trials–the One who always understands–The Father who let us climb into His big lap and comforted us, while we grieved our losses.

It will be a day when we are finally rewarded for our faithfulness. A day when hurtful things no longer matter, because we will know Him, as He has known us.

The day when we will see our reflections in the streets of gold and run our fingers along the smooth, pearly gates. I can see us together, sitting on the front porch of our new mansions, sipping lemonade, rocking without a care in the world…because those things will have passed away. And somehow all the agonizing moments we faced, will simply not matter anymore.

Behold all things will be made new. The Son will come–the day will break. Our hearts will rejoice, and we will dance and sing with the angels for our Creator-Infinity–The wait will be over.

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