The Impossible Made Possible…

This really spoke to me today! Hope it blesses someone else!

Encouragement Ministry

protector and chiminea Protector in the upper left corner

The Impossible Made Possible…

Sometimes we get stuck in places, jobs, addictions, depression, etc. where it seems there is no hope or way out.  Whether we walked into a cave and got lost on our own accord or if we were taken captive and put there, the point is we are stuck there.  We see our situation as impossible on our own terms.

Many people choose a job that isn’t what they really want because they are scared to get out of their comfort zone and go for it.  Their potential may be huge, but if their drive is 1/100, they will go nowhere.  They are like a hamster stuck on a wheel working and getting nowhere because of fear to get off of the wheel and explore.  A person with drive and passion but no skill has greater possibility of success than a…

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