Sea of Release

Waking up, I still felt the heavy burden for those who are hurting. I guess it’s the left-overs from the same feelings I felt as I returned home from revival services last night.

Scheduled to preach was Jeremy Hart. There was an expectancy in the air, that felt almost tangible, in the women’s prayer room before service started.

The chorale singers had finished singing, and Jeremy’s wife proceeded to the platform to sing a song she had written.

I don’t even remember the name of the song, but I do remember God’s sweet presence coming down in that place!

She gave her testimony before she sang, which was so touching that I was wiping tears as she related it.

I believe it is no coincidence that I had shared my own testimony on my blog earlier yesterday. She had voiced her dream to sing for Jesus to her father when she was around 8 or 9 years old. But then later when she was around 15, she had a terrible pain in her jaw, that ended up being TMJ.

After several different doctor’s opinions, she was told that she should never sing again. The cartilage was gone in her jaw. The last opinion she was given, she went home and around the piano sang to the top of her lungs!

How could God allow this to happen when it was her gift and her dream. After all, she had been using it to lift Jesus up. Some questions have no answers at the time, until later, in God’s due timing.

Because of the pain, she eventually had to stop singing. But one night during a particularly anointed service, her father asked her to lead the worship with her singing. Stepping out in faith, while she sang, God miraculously healed her. Because of her healing, later one of her friends believed for her own healing, with her TMJ. She was also healed!

At the end of her testimony, she told that God had spoke to her heart that He had used her own situation so she could reach out to others and use the gift of healing that God had given her to be used for His glory.

While Jamin sang, I felt the need to turn and grab the hand of a precious elder lady sitting behind me to pray with her for her healing of beginning stages of dementia. But when I had turned in my pew, her husband had already grabbed her by the hand and was leading her out in the aisle towards the altar to be prayed for!

I felt faith and healing were in attendance in the house, while Jamin was singing. But she never got to finish the song by the way, but came down the steps to help her husband pray with people. Different ones in the church made their way to pray at the front. As we prayed with several people, I felt led to stand in the place for my oldest sister who is battling lymphoma cancer and is on her second round of chemo. I went up to be prayed for. She was in remission, but it has returned. God also laid it on my heart to stand in for some of you. I prayed that the God of miracles would help you through what you are going through.

Let me pause for a moment and ask you to forgive me for being real, but I have worn my mask way too long. The enemy makes us feel that others won’t understand because they believe differently, but I can no longer sit back. We all need answers that only God can give.

While we were praying for a particular individual, a very heavy burden came upon me. The feeling was so real and heavy that I began weeping and interceding. And I knew without anyone telling me that I was feeling what that person was feeling.

I haven’t quite understood through the years, what this gift is that God has given me until recently. He has shown me that it’s the gift of empathy.

I have never felt like I had any wonderful talents or gifts. I have just felt like plain ordinary Renee. But God is showing me that we all have gifts that we are born with, a lot or few doesn’t matter with God. But we should use them for His purpose. Never to brag about, but so that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus, and who He has called us to be.

A younger woman was praying, and I felt God whisper to me that I was to pray for her as if I were her mother, because I have been there before with my own children. I wept, prayed and interceded for her.

When I returned home from church, after I had turned the engine off, again, I felt God nudging me to pray for someone and send them a text to let them know what I had felt while we were praying for them at church. I told them I didn’t need to know what was going on, but I was praying with them. The feeling I had felt WAS what they had been feeling.

I leaned my head upon my steering wheel and wept again and asked God for His direction and wisdom to know what to do with such a gift. As I have spoken about in another earlier post, the feelings someone else is feeling that you take upon yourself, can be very draining spiritually, mentally and physically. I need God’s wisdom to stay healthy for my own sake.

Upon waking, God laid a few of you on my heart again, and I prayed for you. I also covet your prayers, as well!

I have recently realized that I am in dire need of a little R & R, so I have quit doing the manual labor that my recent job required. I really need you, my friends, to help me pray for a new direction in my life, for a new career and God’s Will concerning these things.

So, I will conclude this post. I need to start dinner preparation and getting dressed for the last revival service tonight. Hope I haven’t offended anyone. I only want to send positive blessings and love your way! God Bless you all!


  1. You don’t need to apologize for speaking Truth, for sharing from your heartstrings, or for telling it like it is as you see it!! Your readers appreciate your transparency – or we wouldn’t be your readers! “Heart Tokens” says it all… just as I pray that my sub-title, “Loving One Another” tells what JanBeek is all about. Keep on listening to those heart whispers and reaching out in the love the Holy Spirit has planted in your heart. And don’t forget to take care of yourself. When your body says, “R & R,” OBEY!!

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