Tell the Story Challenge II

I saw this today from Stu’s post.

I found it interesting, as well as, challenging…🤔 The challenge is called Tell the Story Challenge II. One of the pictures spoke to me, and I decided to try my hand at this. It reminds of when I first discovered my love of writing in the 7th grade. My English teacher, Ms. Pulliam had written an assignment on the chalkboard with 2 different titles. We had to use our imagination to write a story about it. She chose several of my stories to read aloud throughout these fun assignments during the school year, but thankfully did not divulge the name of the terribly shy author! I’m sure my beet red cheeks were a dead give-away. 😊

The rules are simple:

Present a picture, then tell the story of the picture. It can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Nominate at least 3 people to write a story based on the photo you share.

This is the picture that I chose to write about:

Monster Wave

The crowd is pressing in. She wonders where this place is? The setting is not a familiar one.

The little town is quaint and beautiful and has a sandy beach near its borders! It must be one of those places on the map where the only jobs available belonged to the local fishermen who brought back their treasures at the end of day and the restaurants who served it up on a platter.

People are milling around the square. A woman is smiling, enjoying the sunshine. A stray breeze is blowing, and she brushes a wisp of silky hair from her eyes.

Finding herself walking near the water’s edge, the medium-blonde eccentric is aware of the sandy rock beneath her feet. There are trees lined in the distance, far away from the shore.

What in the world? How did that happen?How did she get in this rowboat? It must be some sort of dream?! Oh well! The magic of the scenery is breathtaking! The water is calm and peaceful.

Her preoccupation and fascination with the distant tree line has somehow distracted her to the fact that the little boat has drifted a long way from the shore. This realization startles her! How has this happened right beneath her nose and her not be aware? She is alone in her dilemma. No one to help in this unbelievable plight!

The scene changes, as if one straight out of a movie. Her boat comes to rest at the edge of the tree lines that she had been studying. She leaps out of the boat onto the gigantic roots of a cypress tree. The gnarled roots spread out above the water’s surface.

Turning to survey the situation, she discovers how far away from the safety of the beach shores she has come. Fear grips her heart! She screams out. Help! Somebody help me!!!

After hours of hollering and frantically waving her arms towards the town she had drifted from, she realizes no one has seen or heard her cries. She must help herself.

With unknown bravery, she springs back into the small boat. She doesn’t even know how to row, but she grabs the oars anyway from the bottom of the boat and tries.

The boat turns in a complete circle after hours of unfutile attempts. The direction turns to the left, then right. She finally gets the boat to row straight ahead. She is happy! She did it! She is rowing!

Everything seems to be under control, until the waters turn choppy. A quarter from the distant shore, a massive wave arises out of no where! It is heading straight for her! She finds herself screaming again, but this time out of sheer horror! Jeesuuuuss!!!! She calls. She realizes that her boat is going to capsize! With a death-grip on the oars, she keeps rowing faster and faster, for dear life!

Death and drowning is certain. She has fought a good fight….She mentally prepares herself…

But wait–something miraculously and wonderful happens! How can it be? Her boat rises and flows over the crest of the wave, and continues onto the other side of the monster wave!

The waters are calm again. Jesus has heard her desperate plea. She keeps rowing till she reaches the shore again. She is safe!

She climbs out of the boat and half runs, half walks, calling out to all those around her. I made it! I learned to use the oars! I learned to row my boat! I made it through the storm. I survived!!!! 🙌

She has overcome by the words of her testimony! She will tell it everywhere she goes.

“…He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭23:2-3‬

Here are the pictures for you to choose to write about:

I am choosing not to tag anyone. It’s up to whoever wishes to participate!


  1. You had me hooked too. I would love to write about the shoes, love their sparkle but I am not sure how this works. Do I use my own blogpost to write on or???? I have never done this before but I like the challenge.

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    • Yes you make your own blog post and write your story on it. See if you can copy and paste the content into your blog. Save the pics to your phone and add to the post. On your post, Pick photos from the internet to challenge someone else. Just have fun with it. It will take trial and error!

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