April | Testimony Tag/ *Revised*

I felt like I needed to be more transparent in sharing more details of my testimony. It’s not easy for me. Amy Bounds, you make me brave reading your testimony! So, I have revised. Stu, being you tagged me in this, feel free to go back and reread. Thanks to all!

♡Heart Tokens♡

**Testimony Revised*** I have went back and added to my testimony. I am getting braver in sharing my heart, so for those who would like to, feel free to read again! Thanks for supporting my endeavor of being more transparent. 🤗

I was tagged by Stu to share my testimony. Thank you, Stu, for thinking of me! 😄 You have been through a lot brother! God’s love (and grace) always covers a multitude of our sins! For that, we can ever be grateful!

Check out Stu’s testimony here.



This month is a special one in the fact that it is Easter, and we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. To go with the celebration of His resurrection we get to share our testimony.

After reading Stu’s testimony first, and then mine, please follow this thread of tags and read everyone else’s testimony.

Here are the rules:

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