Laughing is good

What a lovely Life quote! 🤗🌷 I found this on the Internet after reading JanBeek’s post a few minutes ago.

Thanks to her, I have laughed my head off this morning. Laughter really is good medicine.

Here’s one for you….I happened to look out at my flowerbed this morning, after the rain has left for a while and noticed the first lily has bloomed! So, being the picture person that I am with over 4,000 pics on my phone to prove it, I just had to take just one more! Or maybe two…oh, who am I kidding?!!


  1. Maybe I was tired or just needed a laugh, but the daylily looked like it was flipping me off! 😱 I’ve never noticed any of them looking like that before! Usually the things in the middle are together. 😂 Yep. Sure did hurt the little angel’s feelings!


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