What If I Said…..I Love You

I pray this kind of love for every broken-hearted person! This is very heartfelt, beautiful and touching! I pray this for you brother! Read Stu’s post!

Something to Stu Over

What if I told you that I love you? Would you take those words to heart or possibly crush mine? 

I have to wonder how long would it take before you were to realize that my words were sincere and heart felt. Is it possible that you are afraid of the change in your life that could take place upon accepting my love? Maybe that is really the reason that first initial I Love You is so hard.

Maybe, just maybe, there has been so much going on in your life that the thought of someone actually loving you is absurd. So you stifle your own feelings behind your wall…and on accident do the one thing to someone else that you do not want done to yourself.

Maybe it is the I have been hurt too many times to allow myself to love again. I can’t allow myself to…

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  1. Thankyou for highlighting this post Renee. I visited his blog, and liked and commented on it. It is a most beautiful and honest post. May God bless you today Renee

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  2. Sometimes we just have to let go of the brokenness and learn how to build trust again.

    What’s more painful is to love a person and never find courage to let them know how you feel about them💔.

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