Banging My Compass

Just as Debbie relates in her post, we feel that our compass has stopped moving at times! Read her awesome post!

bee-tree Gathering

These last few weeks have overwhelmed me, seriously, I can’t handle all this stuff, even if I was twenty-one.. In my spirit, I feel and know I am on the verge of a great change, an alignment…..I literally felt spiritually bombarded (battlefield of the mind) and yea though I walk through the valley, I know my King is for me, he has great plans to prosper me and my family,….I keep looking forward, even though war is all around me, I press on in the shadow of his might, I am not defeated, I am a conqueror. In this overwhelmed state I have felt lost, I don’t know which direction to go in, I keep banging my compass but it doesn’t move. The rule of the woods is that when you are lost , stand still, you might be lost, but the animals, trees, nature…..they are all right where God…

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