Effervescent Embroidery-Alphabet Challenge

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge. 👏👏👏

You can read how this challenge came into being by checking out this post. Thanks again Stu for inventing this challenge!

A very detailed embroidery project passed down from my late mother-in-law. It hung over her bed for many years. 🙂

A linen napkin she worked on…Only one though.

It’s amazing how our taste changes the older we get. Even though I thought this was lovely, it wasn’t my decor.

But the older I’ve gotten I’ve realized how precious heirlooms like this are and how blessed we are to be the recipients of such a piece done with love. 🤗 And the frame, my late father-in-law made to house it…It now graces my living room. ❤️

This is another of her beautiful creations I have recently added to my Farmhouse decor 🐄 in my kitchen….No more grape theme for me Sam I Am! 😂🤣 But that still doesn’t mean that BBQ sign of yours is welcome in there!🐄🤣

For those of you who haven’t read about this situation, here’s the story!

Oh Happy Day

A pic of her in her younger years~

My husband every now and then while she was still living, would jokingly refer to her as “MAD” Milly, because that was her initials😄 She would give him “the look,” and would laugh.

She loved to joke and was a very blunt person. You didn’t have to worry how she felt about anything. She spoke her mind! She was a card! 😂


Here are the guidelines:

Acknowledge the blogger that challenged you.

Display the challenge photo or create your own 🙂

Link back to this post so I can read yours.

Create one post or multiple posts, as I did, using a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet and share your thoughts on the word you chose and how it can be applied to our lives.

Be creative! Use words, pictures, gifs…whatever just have fun. 🙂

Nominate/tag as many bloggers as you would like to participate.

I am choosing:

Ricky Racer


Please do not feel obligated to participate in this challenge. Just something to have some fun with 🙂

Anyone else that wants to do the challenge please feel free to do so!


    • My Moma embroided, too, back in the day. She and my MIL loved sewing in any shape, form or fashion! Moma’s embroidery must not have made it through the move to Gonzales back when I was little. 😥 I’m glad it brought back good memories of home🙂

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  1. beautiful embroidered art! talk about detailed! looks like portraits. how lovely that even a frame was made. a great share of MAD Milly’s kindness and artistry. 💟

    Liked by 2 people

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