Mom’s Making a Difference Award

Thank you Dawn at Drawing Closer to Christ, for nominating me for the Mom’s Making A Difference Award. I feel very honored to be able to share thoughts on the lovely gift of motherhood.

The Creator of this award and his blog site can be found here: Matt at: Jesusluvsall Blog

Sharing Dawn’s thoughts about Matt and his blog:

Although Matt struggles with chronic illness, it’s always inspiring to see how he keeps on pursuing Christ. He is answering God’s call on his life to help and encourage people from different cultures. You’ll be blessed by his writings!


The above quote by Sharon Jaynes hits too close to home with me. I have felt a little like the most imperfect parent on the planet or even in the whole universe at times. I’m sure there are a few of you out there who struggle with those same feelings or is it just me?

I look back and see so many areas where I could have improved or done things better. Maybe it’s the little part of me that struggled with OCD at times or the insecure side of me that felt the stares of so many mothers around me that seemed to get everything right.

You know those mothers who had the perfect children who always sat perfectly quiet and still on the church pews, well-mannered, always doing everything everyone else expected was the right way to parent.

Yes, I was THAT parent. The one sitting on the back pew a lot of times trying to reign in the tempers and hyperactivity of two hyperactive little rambunctious girls. The kids, who try as they may, seemed to never remember the rules of perfect etiquette.

The words stung as a few comments would get back to be every now and then, “If that was my child, they wouldn’t be acting like that! I would spank their little hiney!” IF this, IF that–Blah, blah, blah! That’s all I felt people thought of me and my beautiful girls.

Then one day, came a Fb post from my youngest who was around nineteen, that made me cry and changed me from the inside out! You know one of those deep-down, ugly cries–the kind you don’t dare get out in public kind- because your face is so red and eyes swollen!

She publicly thanked me for being the kind of mother that she could always go to when she needed to talk, that I never judged or scolded her for her thoughts, always listened and cared. That I taught her to love others, unconditionally, not to look on the outside of people, but to love them for who they were on the inside. Nobody is perfect…

She thanked me for the school mornings we did devotions and prayed together, before she got on the bus. For reading her The Rules of Ettiquette, to teach her manners. How to sit like a lady and act like one.

She said, “Moma taught me to act like a lady, but I was too much of a tomboy. Moma tried!” And she mentioned the fact that there were some who thought I wasn’t a good mother because she was hyper and couldn’t sit still, talked too much, but that I had always disciplined her when she needed it.

Something happened to me that day. I stopped and no longer CARED what others thought anymore. Yes, I had been THAT mother with the two screaming children, the imperfect mother, but I was perfectly imperfect.

God loves all of you mothers out there! The ones who try and try again! You are making a difference in those sweet babies lives! Don’t let the judgement of others get you down! Hang in there! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES!!!

One day you will be like me, part of the “Empty Nester” club, and you will realize that your children are all beautiful, special and unique–And you did the job God called you to do! That God CHOSE you as the mother of those particular children, because they needed a mother JUST LIKE YOU!!!

Someone out there needs to hear this! Hold your head up beautiful lady! You are a wonderful mother!!! You are more than what others think you are! God knows! He sees the real you behind closed doors! Keep up the good work! 💃😉🙌🌹🌹🌹🤱🏼


  1. Renee what a wonderful post! I’ve had those feelings too at times that I wasn’t doing enough or needed to do something better.

    It’s such a blessing that your daughter noticed all the love and work that you put into her. Everything you did and are doing has paid off for your children.

    None of us are perfect moms, but I thank God for His never ending grace in our lives. God bless you! Thanks so much for sharing. Your post is truly an inspiration 🌻❤️😊

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  2. Where’s the tissue?? I’ve felt like what you’ve described a time or ten – always trying to be the perfect mother for the staring eyes instead of the best momma for my boy. Whew! What a relief when I got the hard lesson that I can’t please everybody – that was a burden that rolled away and praise God it’s never to return to stay. Thanks for reminding us that we need to be what is best for our babies, we need to love them – hyper or super quiet and all

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    • Thanks for that, Deandra! I had tears myself just putting this out there! When I got the nomination, I have felt the last few days that I needed to share how I felt. Hope it helps someone to know they are not alone, and not every one is judging them, but hoping for the best for them and their children. God Bless girl! Keep being that wonderful parent God called you to be! 🌻

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    • That is very kind of you to say, Stu. Thanks for your support! And not only mothers, but fathers need to hear that they are good parents, too. Keep being the wonderful Dad you are…Those beautiful babies love you! God Bless!

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  3. Marvelous reassuring post. I agree with you completely that God chose us as the mother for our children and nobody else could be a better Mom to them. I had a host of elders to make me believe I was the worst mother in the world. 😁

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    • Thanks Temi! We are all in need of knowing that it’s ok to be an imperfect person/mom and to have children who may not be the perfect kid, according to other people’s standards. They are perfect to us mothers!

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