You’re So Vain Tag

Have you a song that you think is just about you? I challenge you to post it! (Or them)


Post song(s) and tell why they’re about you.

You may nominate others but don’t have to. This is about getting to know you and having fun.


~This is Renee~who I am, what I’m about~

~~The first song is definitely me-I’m just a beggar in the presence of the King but thankful that He can still use broken things!

~~The second song- I’ve been in this waiting room for years, standing on those promises He has whispered to me. But I’m going to keep STANDING STRONG!

~~The third song- I’m a warrior, reminds me that all the scars that have knocked me down have made me stronger.

~~The fourth and last song is by one of my favorite Contemporary Christian singers. The first time I heard the last two songs, I cried like a baby, because I felt like they were my theme songs!

It doesn’t matter what others say I am, God says I am Loved, Strong, Held, and I am His!

Broken Things by Matthew West

Soar by Meredith Andrews

Warrior by Hannah Kerr

You Say by Lauren Daigle

So there you have it folks~~~ME~~~~~~


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