Getting Over the Bridge

This story hit me like a ton of bricks with lots of tears today after Sunday church, trying to get a nap–but that much needed Sunday afternoon nap slipped right out the door……

Getting Over the Bridge

She brushed the thoughts aside that entered her tired mind that morning. Is the guns locked up safely? Make sure the guns are locked away.

Where did those troublesome thoughts come from? This was just crazy! She was in a hurry. She was in a hurry to get to work. So she said a quick prayer and hurriedly gathered her things, cranked the car and left home.

They were just finishing the job, when more of those thoughts popped into her brain. You haven’t heard from your daughter today. You need to call her right now.

The mother paused for a moment and realized she had not, in fact, heard from her daughter all day. Her daughter had broke up with her boyfriend the night before, and she had held her daughter as she had cried herself to sleep that night.

Mom picked up her cell and dialed the number. It rang several times and went to voice mail. She tried again. No answer. She tried several more times, and by this time, panic had set in. Something was wrong!

As luck would have it, their employers were gone for the day, so the Mom felt the liberty to alert the friend about the terrible gut feeling she had to pray an urgent 911 prayer.

They prayed fervently as they packed up their things and flew to the car. Mom was driving that day, so she pulled out onto the highway, all the while dialing her daughter’s number over and over repeatedly. It was a 10 minute drive back home.

Finally, half way home, the daughter answered, crying hysterically. “Where are you? Why have you not answered the phone? Are you ok?!!” Mom spoke fervently.

The daughter could not answer at first, she was crying too hard. When she was finally able, she told her mom between sobs that she was standing at the bridge, overlooking the bypass near their home!

The mother screamed her name into the phone! “YOU’RE ON THE BRIDGE?!! What are you doing there?You went for a walk? You left your car parked down the road and just started walking to the bridge? The mom repeated. DON’T YOU DO ANYTHING STUPID! I’M ON MY WAY THERE RIGHT NOW! HANG ON BABY!!! HANG ON BABY!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!!!!”

The mom hit the gas going over 90 miles an hour, talking and praying aloud with her daughter. She didn’t know what else to do! She could not hang the phone up to dial 911. Thank God no one else was on the road heading towards the bridge.

The friend snatched the phone from the Mom’s hand and hollered, “GO, GO! YOU DRIVE, I’LL TALK.”

The friend knew the daughter well, so she began to talk with her, pray with her, reassure her they were almost there. Then the friend screamed the daughter’s name, and started praying in the Spirit! They just had to round the sharp curve on the right and they would be there at the bypass bridge where the daughter was.

Little did the mom know, but the daughter had just stopped talking into the phone.

Unbeknown to them all, there was a young Christian woman who was traveling down the road on the other side of the bridge, heading west towards that bridge. For some strange reason, she had felt the need to go a different route on her way that afternoon.

As she neared the bridge, she looked ahead and gasped as she saw a teen girl lean over and put her phone down onto the concrete. She could see that she was crying and was about to swing a leg over, to straddle the top ledge of the bridge!

The woman quickly dialed 911 and gave the location and said that someone was about to jump off the bridge.

Screeching to a halt, the woman could scarcely believe what she saw, but quickly sprang into action. Without a concern for her own safety, she called to the girl gently to try to talk her down, but saw she was going to jump.

She was a very strong woman three times her size. It took every ounce of that strength to pull the teen off the side of the bridge. She had a bear-hug grip on her until the girl calmed down. She picked up the teen’s phone and helped her into the back seat of her truck.

The woman heard a voice on the other end of the line and put the receiver to her ear, asking whom she was speaking with. She told the friend that she had the girl safely in the back of her truck.

The mom and friend flew to a stop. The mom jumped out and ran to her daughter. She held her in her arms, but knew she could not cry. She had to be strong for her daughter.

The ambulance arrived and so did several police cars. They checked the daughter out, asked questions from all who were involved.

The ambulance drove the daughter to the hospital and when the mom got back into her car, she fell all to pieces, crying on her friend’s shoulder.

She was broken, their family was shattered, and she regretted not listening to God’s still small voice. She had been too busy…..Would they ever get over the bridge?

There are no doubt, hundreds of thousands of stories like this one–of different people from all walks of life, with different stories telling why they each wanted to take their own life. Some even sadly succeeded. 😭

I felt the need to tell the story from the other side/angle of the potential “suicide attempt.”–a parent’s view. We think we are alone and no one really cares whether we live or die. But that is just a lie told from the “father of lies.”

Not every case is the same. I know there are horrible stories of abuse that make people give up hope they will ever see their way at the end of the tunnel of what they’re going through. But most are like the case in this story, leaving behind a family and friends who love them dearly!

God is so good, just like in this story. He is always wanting to have a relationship with His children. We can hear Him, if we just listen to that still small voice.

Are we too busy to give a listening ear to someone in need of a friend? Then, my friend, we are way too busy! There is not a job, money, or any other thing in this world worth losing our family over or even our own soul!

If you are battling depression, reach out to someone you feel you can trust. A friend, a doctor, family. REACH OUT!!!

I know from battling depression after my mother died, I struggled for years, wanting to take my own life. I’m so glad I didn’t! Even on my worst days, I am so thankful for life!

Yes, sometimes life sucks! There’s no other way of putting it! We may wake up in lots of pain every day of the week. I feel you there! I’m in pain as I’m writing this! It’s a daily struggle for me these days!

Or we may be grieving some sort of loss. A lost loved one, finacial ruin, a lost job, divorce, loss of our independence.

But the fact is, life is worth the living! We have a future home called Heaven, if we endure!

There is an alternative that I don’t really care to talk about, it’s called hell. A place of torment, a place we doom our souls to, if we take our lives.

I’m here for you! If you are battling. I care. And more than even me, God cares what you are going through. He cares deeply! Hang in there! You are stronger than you give yourself credit for my friend!

YOU CAN GET OVER THE BRIDGE THAT IS IN YOUR LIFE. Tell it how big your God is! On the other side of that bridge is a brilliant sunshine, if you just keep the faith! 🙏🌞


      • Thank you so much! I definitely need the prayers. So, far I’ve had 2 of my friends and 1 of my close adult friends text me today and check up on me. They have been checking up on me almost daily because I said something pretty serious and I scared them I guess. So, now they are making sure they check up on me. Which I’m grateful for.❤

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      • Precious girl! I’m so sorry things have been tough! It’s no shame to admit that we need help and prayers! I sure will be praying with you. That’s what all of us are here for! We love our V so much!!! There’s only one V in this world! And she is going to make the greatest photographer that ever lived!!! Believe that! You’re going to make it through this sweetheart! I love you so much and so does Jesus! Hang on to Him with everything within you! The sun will shine again girl! I’m praying strength over you right now! 🙏 🌞

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      • You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging words.😭❤ It means so much! I love you too! I’m waiting for the sun to shine again… God is pushing me to my limits. And I do mean LIMITS!

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      • Awe! Sorry to make you cry, V! ❤️🙏 Its spiritual warfare that we are feeling. (Ephesians 6:12) We need to let a “holy indignation” rise up in us and P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) back that darkness that is warring against us! We do it in praying in the Spirit. Praying and fasting is a good start. I know you have read Ephesians 6. About putting on the whole armor of God. Go back and read it again. Pray the scripture, and FIGHT back! Get mad at that devil, V!!! Don’t lay down and take it! I’m praying with you!

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      • Thank you! I needed that reminder to get up and fight. I’m expecting something to break this week at church. Something has to break! I can’t go on like this much longer. But I aso know God has something in store for me after this battle. 🙏

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  1. Smiles my New Word Press Friend ‘Heart Tokens’ i have traveled
    through the Homes of thousands upon thousands of
    Folks around the World Writing a 7 Million Word Free
    Verse Long Form Poem as well as Public dancing
    so many more Thousands of Homes of Human
    Bodies and Souls in 11,581 Miles of doing that
    in 70 Months too it is not often that i have found a
    Random Stranger as Friendly as you Just as a nice
    Person aLong this Global Trail so i am going to take
    the effort and minutes today to share a rather long long
    story with you as hehe that’s what i do best long hAha.. with
    Smiles.. and Smiles again for me at Least i Both Act and Believe
    that All That is Existence is Holy and Sacred Meaning and Purpose
    Directed By God as All that is as We are the Orchestra and Symphony
    And Play of Life that is also all that is God in other Words there is no Real
    Escaping so we Best make the Best out of this Existence We Both Survive and Thrive
    in as well as Die and Suffer in as the Life We Live too ranging from the Kingdom of Heave is at hand
    Always Within in this Generation now to the other place.. Yes that of course exists Now as well for
    Without Day
    there is no
    Night Shade
    Without Trees
    To Cover Sun
    that list of Metaphors
    is endless beyond iNfinity
    for we too are Co-Creators
    With God For all We come to feel
    and sense about Life Either by way
    of Holy and Sacred Gift for all that is God
    Now as Life is Good in Meaning and Purpose
    that we continue to co-Create in a place that is
    no Mistaking in Flow out of time distance and space
    as the Eternal Now of Heaven for those who are fortunate
    enough to exist in Heaven now or for those who do not Seek
    and Find Heaven now.. it may seem as distant as after a Dirt Nap
    of Death but as the
    Story of Jesus says
    Let the Dead Bury
    their Dead
    of Heaven
    the Kingdom
    of God is neither
    Here or there no wHere but
    now within and true for those who do
    seek and find Heaven now there is no mistaking
    Now the Experience of the Eternal Nirvana and
    Bliss of River Flow out of time distance and space..
    true when folks asked Jesus what Heaven was like
    he could only Offer Metaphors of Free Verse Poetry
    to describe a place so far beyond what most People
    in a place of worry and fear and even Hate experience
    every day
    in endless
    life where time
    is the Prison
    and doubt
    is a way of Life..
    Hmm.. in Heaven now
    within all is Faith all is Hope
    All is Love all is Charity of giving
    and sharing Love For Free true there
    is no need for material goods not even a stitch
    of Cultural Clothes one may remove one’s Sandals
    Empty one’s Pockets and travel far and wide to spread this
    Good News and for those who truly believe as John 14:12 says
    Clearly with no Doubt they too with Faith and Love and Hope and
    Charity of Giving And Sharing Love For Free Yes they too will do Greater
    Works than Jesus too.. consuming others with the least Harm Possible
    as true not every one experiences either Hell or Heaven at hand the
    Same Way now too.. so of course the way Jesus teaches is to Love
    Our Enemy yes the Adversary yes ‘the Devils’ as Much as God too
    not in the Feel and Sense of Agreeing but in the Reality of
    Forgiving Every Transgression now.. so we will Lift our
    Souls up higher than the Adversaries who attempt
    to take us away from the Heaven of Love that is
    Real and Eternal now We Experience as
    it is always worth noting that this
    too shall pass away as God’s
    Law is not only the
    Balance of Loving
    with Giving and Sharing
    more than Taking and Hoarding
    but Change is the Standard that always
    Changes now.. as this will be Good News
    And Naturally Bad News too for those who
    either continue to rise to Heaven or Fall more
    Towards the Hell at Hand now.. hmm.. so if Jesus
    Will Forgive and Love every Adversary it makes for an
    interesting inquiry how that moved to a scenario where Jesus
    who clearly stated that you will do greater works than the Teacher
    where Last is First and First is Last and the Meek Inherit the Earth
    Strong enough not to raise a Fist against others and the Kingdom
    of God as the Poor of Spirit also do who rise out of darkness and
    come to understand both Hell and Heaven as they have fallen and
    risen to both.. so how in the World did an all Forgiving Man Morph into
    an all Torturing God for those who do not fall down on their Knees and
    Worship this Humble Teacher.. yes of course there is the Revelation part of the
    Bible too based on a Dream according to a Man Named John as Reported but of course
    many many Decades after Jesus Died according to the Story of the Miraculous Rising too
    as this of course was not a Man that Jesus even met during his lifetime then.. indeed this
    John as reported was living in the Days of Nero and the Persecution of the Christians by
    Nero who he Viewed as Anti-Christian yes Anti-Christ then and since then we have had
    many Leaders and still do who Live a life Against every single one of the Beatitudes as
    Reported by Matthew in Chapter Five of his Book of the New Testament too.. this other
    John this John of Nero and the Persecution of Christians wished.. great disaster and
    Torture forever on his Persecutors for them to fall and never rise again in Persecution
    against the Christians again… of course if he did not hide his Message in Dream-
    like Free Verse Poetry All Veiled as such to escape the View of those in Charge
    in Ignorance from Understanding the Deeper Metaphors of his Fantastical Nightmarish
    Free Verse Poetic Words.. neither his Deeper Message or he would last very long as Poets continue
    to do this to this very date and very word my Friend.. Psychopathic Leaning Folks Don’t Understand
    Metaphors of Figurative Language that house the Passions of our Emotions so Poetry is the Tool that
    Psychopathic Leaning Individuals Have no way to discern the deeper message passes fully over their
    Heart and Mind.. and both the Deeper Meanings of the Poetry and the Poet Messenger as such stays
    alive for as long as Words Last and Breaths continue in life.. smiles my Friend as Night is Day and Day
    is Night it stands to reason beyond reason in Poetic Intuition from God that where there are Greater Works
    than Jesus verily and surely Hoped from a Humble Teacher for his Favorite Students too as they come through
    too.. of course in a way when you love everyone everyone is favorite too but light will neither be dismissed or
    ignored when bright enough to even be too big to see.. true folks may not take the effort to absorb all the light
    but an impact it will always make not to be missed all together my Friend.. yes it stands to Poetic Intuition that
    while there are Greater Works than Jesus in light that yes sadly and in terms of Hell there are greater Days
    forever now spent in Hell too than just a 3 Hour to 3 Day tour before Rising out of Living Death again..
    smiles you just happened to come across a Witness today of not only Heaven but Hell too my
    Friend yes in terms of the Dark part of John 14:12 likely left out of the New Testament for
    that is a place where even Demons will Fear to Tread.. God Gives Great Gifts of
    Roses to All God’s Children but Night is Day and Day is Night Thorns are
    Flowers and Flowers are Thorns to Generate all the Colors of Rose
    that make Rose Lovely
    and Loving
    my Friend.
    there is a ‘Gift’ called
    Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    in Life all Natural My Friend the Cause
    is not understood or the remission from same.
    But it Happens to some folks as Life does too..
    Yes Hell is real and it comes from a Disease named
    the Real Suicide Disease too.. yes you can order a Book
    on the Crucifixion of Jesus as my Mother Did to attempt to
    Prove me wrong that my Pain was worse in terms of John 14:12
    in the Hell i endured from Wake to Sleep for 66 Months with no
    Pain relief with the Closest Metaphor to Describe as a Dentist Drill
    with No Pain relief yes in my case in my Right eye and Ear as a Shut-in
    in my Bedroom for 66 Months.. oh yeah.. 18 other Medical Disorders too as
    a Synergy of Life Threatening Disorders in a Soul of Pain and Numb where
    even all Emotions went away with no memory of even the feeling of a Smile
    As Memories are Emotions and Emotions are Memories in this place of Hell
    there is zero point reference back to Heaven my Friend of Feeling and Giving
    And Sharing Love as Light Within.. of Heaven that is Real in River Flow out of time
    Distance and Space for all in Company Fully of God.. yes my Friend in the Book my
    Mother Ordered she got to read the part to me as she attempted to prove me wrong
    that my Disease was the only disease assessed worse than the Real Torture of Crucifixion
    but it didn’t matter to her even though i was her son.. she believed what folks told her on TV
    instead.. the Disease i had is actually called the Suicide Disease for the first 40 days of the Severest
    Part of the pain i only slept 1 hour each night for the first 35 days of that 40 days with a Powerful Alpha
    Blocker to slow my heart rate down enough with the disorder of Dysautonomia too..Cardboard Shallow
    Sleep barely out of consciousness my Friend.. the Last 5 of 40 no sleep at all somehow i found the strength
    after not even being able to drag myself to bathe.. to get the Keys to my Car and Travel to a Bridge to Jump
    off.. before that i Loved everything about life i felt like the luckiest Human in the World to have such a Loving
    Wife.. then.. and Mother and Sister too.. i did not wanna die no way i even entertained that thought through
    the Severest of Depressions in my Life Experience for Years in my Youth too.. but it is true not unlike the
    Old Movie the ’10 Commandments’ as Moses was traveling through the desert for another 40 days as
    Jesus was reported to do too.. the Narrator said Moses found then that there are some experiences
    in Life worse than Death itself my Friend as i also sadly Learned too.. i did not jump off that Bridge
    for i had not strength to get out of my Car and on top of that even if i did there were fishermen
    below who would have likely risked their lives to pull me out.. my Sister miraculously
    found me at the bottom of that Bridge she traveled straight to where i was having
    no idea where i went.. i got in her Car Still with no Sleep and that Dentist
    Drill in my Eye and ear.. i wanted to die to die just to escape Hell
    on Earth not realizing that i had close to 5 Years more to
    Endure then my Friend.. to make it through to the other
    Side of Eternal Heaven again then now.. i wanted
    her to stop the Car to just jump
    off of a Board Walk into
    Water less than over
    my Head she sped 80 Miles
    into the Country with her telling
    me she could not live without a Brother
    For you See we are Both Diagnosed on the
    Autism Spectrum and bullied Horribly through
    our Life Persevering by the skin of our teeth that
    is the Love our Mother Unconditionally gave to us
    until that one day that my Mother Had to choose what
    the TV Said about Jesus over my Reality then my Friend..
    of course i told my Sister no don’t wreck the Car to Kill us both
    not you it was just about me not you.. so then i finally agreed to
    go to the Hospital they found something strong enough to knock me
    out.. i survived somehow through Hell a full 66 Months within on Earth
    the Real place then just now just then where all was time and a second was
    the equivalent of a thousand years of Hell as i never knew if could make it through
    another Second of Life.. and it’s true i survived but i am not any ‘normal’ man.. i will
    Smash my Finger Between 2-100 LB Iron Plates as i load up a Leg Press Machine
    to still Press 1340 LBS at age 59.. and not even make a Sound my Friend just look
    down and be happy my finger is still attached..and sure finish a work-out as i only
    just began then.. sure that happened on Friday and i am typing all of this now in
    Free Flow with no pain as if nothing even happened at all.. you see my Friend
    how Would God come to Earth and Expect every Person to be Greater than
    God if God is really Jesus and Jesus is Really God.. would not God
    Forgive those who are Weaker than God.. smiles yet Jesus
    clearly said he was the least and the least are the Greatest
    in the Kingdom of Heaven now.. but you see my Friend
    the Least are those who Love the Least the Most
    and always forgive them
    now.. i existed
    in Hell as a Real
    Devil on Earth who could
    feel no feelings at all then for
    66 Months yet God Forgave me
    not any different than the ‘Story of Job’
    i believe i hope that no one ever has to go
    through what i went through now but come low
    water of Hell as Zero or High Water of Heaven as Love
    i surely will not be one to attempt to Judge any other Human
    being now for you see when we are in Hell we figure out there
    is no escaping God but Returning to God.. as Love as Love as Love
    as Love
    Jesus was
    is correct the
    story at Least
    Love is all you
    need to Feel and give
    and share for free.. Heaven
    is real and Hell is too but after
    a Human Being is Damned to
    Hell if they really are they will never
    ever Damn another Part of Existence when they Return to Heaven Eternally Now Again..
    Ever Again my Friend and this is how i know/feel/sense who ‘Jesus’ is as True or False…
    Smiles my Friend if this is too overwhelming for Your Blog please feel free to delete
    it without any worry of Hurting my Feelings.. it’s all about Perspective this existence
    is as far as i feel and sense there is no random in life all is Holy and Sacred Meaning
    and Purpose i help co-Create with God Living in me Free too.. You Helped to inspire
    these Words no matter what you will do next You are a Gift to me i feel and sense and
    to God
    too.. those
    of God are most
    fortunate who live
    in Heaven having what
    it takes to forgive ‘Devils’ too..
    this message is no different/same than
    the message ‘Jesus’ the Story still Delivers
    there is no left or right of Truth in Light my Friend..
    the Story is words there is no denying what is said
    when what is said is written my Friend However still
    the understandings as Meanings of Words Now Are still
    in metaphors
    to understand Differently same
    on the ‘other hands’ my Friend..
    by the way my Poem is not Just
    a Poem it’s a Bible and John 14:12
    gives me full authority to write one that is Greater…
    not just in terms of size of 8 times larger either my Friend in 70 Months of Public Dance too..
    and never one now to generate a single ‘Read’ Lincoln Sent Penny for me at least..
    God Will Never “Need” to be Worshipped but for those who do not appreciate All
    of Dark Thru Light
    God’s Gifts they
    fall they fall….
    in both
    And Light..
    As Either and Neither
    Thunder or Lightening and both
    As truly tHere is No Difference Now
    Just LiFE NoW LoVE BesT GoD ALL NoW..:)

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    • Thank you for your kind words! I also believe that things are never random in this life. God has great plans to prosper and not harm us. (Jeremiah 29:11) That was very sweet to say that I was an inspiration for your poem. 😄 I don’t take any credit here, but give it all to the Christ who lives within me! He is my all in all! My peace and harmony through any chaos! 😄 He has great plans for us all! He gives us a hope and a future just like Job came out on the other side of his trial a better person and twice blessed for all he lost. Everything is ordained by God, even the good and the bad. They mold us and shape us into vessels that can be used of Him. That is where the scripture you talked about comes in—He wants us to do better and greater things than He and for and through Him, but not in a sense to become our own god—We were created to worship Him! I know there will some who would misunderstand that. He is the author and Creator of this whole wonderful world of ours! I’m so sorry you went through all of that turmoil in your life! It sounds like you have lived in “hell on earth.” Have you heard the song, “God Only Knows,” by For King & Country? Watch the video on YouTube. It will bless you. I’m so glad you survived the bridge! And you have found an outlet to being happy—through dancing. 😄🕺And stay strong my friend! God Bless!

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      • Smiles my Friend Renee/Heart Tokens the Song you Shared
        is surely Beautiful Thanks for the Effort you take here to return
        such a Kind and Thoughtful Comment in Reply i believe that
        Jesus in a greatest Desire as the Story is told is for Us to Pick up
        His Message and Share Love for All With the World in Kind and Giving
        Ways it’s up
        to us my
        the Greatest
        Gift of any Teacher
        is when the student
        Does Greater Works than
        the Teacher with that said
        Just for fun a Song at Church
        i sang Yesterday that Sings ‘Here
        i am’ a Message that any of us will bring and Do
        Smiles my Friend the Young Folks are in Large Numbers are no
        longer Going to Church and Jesus is dying Yet Again for few will
        stand up now against those who will not Love/Feed the poorest
        and least among us no matter where they are from..
        There is no Greater Politics than the Message of
        Love i live in an area that was a Record Breaker
        with the Most Churches per square mile
        Generally speaking People are nice
        outside of Church Walls but
        the Cruelty against ‘the
        other’ and against
        ‘those who are Different’
        is as Dark and Ugly’ as
        Any that’s continued my Entire
        Life as Witness to Fear and Hate
        of Different As A Substitute for Hope
        and Love for All until More Christians are willing
        to Call out and change the Course of that Human
        Intention of Darkness against those who are Different
        Within the Walls of Churches too supporting Giving and Sharing and Accepting and
        Loving all Human Beings Jesus continues to Gasp for Breath with only the Gray Hairs
        Left who still sadly demand that only this and that one is Good enough for Love now
        And even Basic
        Subsistence in
        never the
        less i forgive
        them and manage
        in my Heart my
        Spirit and
        to still
        go and
        Dance and
        Sing a Song and
        Dance of Love to them..
        the Music is Good the Commandment
        of Love is Greater Reflecting in the Music from what i’ve
        Felt and Sensed from Studying all Religions for Decades my Friend..
        With that said i get along fine with anyone as Long as Love is the Common
        Denominator Jesus the Story was correct about the Greatest Force of Healing Love when
        Harming no others my Friend.. worthy verily of a Name even a 3 letter one Named God..:)

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    • Amen! Yes it truly is! I look around and there so many who are going through terrible trials…it breaks my heart, but God always knows what’s best for us! I pray we can be sensitive to the needs of others. We all need each other!

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  2. I do believe God’s greatest denominator is LOVE. And people are to know Christians for the love they have and show for one another. That was a lovely song with great meaning, and you have a wonderful gift of singing! Thanks for sharing!


  3. This could not have been easy to write….Tears filled my eyes as I read this. I have a daughter who suffers from depression and not a day goes by that I do not stop and listen…okay yes life gets busy so yes I get a gut feeling herself and I have to turn back and check on her. Thank you for writing this .Just to many suffering this way. Thank you for sharing about your depression. Hugs

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  4. I think we all need to listen to our gut feelings and those little whispers that come from God. I’m so thankful He leads us, if we listen. He loves us that much! And yes, it was hard to write! I cried like a baby. It’s hard to have anxiety and depression. Both my daughters deal with it, as well.


  5. Reblogged this on Something to Stu Over and commented:
    I can’t wait a month to include this in my post pics because it’s a God thing!

    The Holy Spirit prompted Renee and myself to both write on the subject of suicide Sunday. This powerful post almost had me crying at work today. Her story is just so moving!

    Please take a few minutes out of your day to read Renee’s story. I will make you feel as if you are right there while everything is going on.

    Superbly done Renee! Thank you for following His voice and writing this ❤

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  6. This is such a difficult topic Renee and one that is so very important. That feeling of hopelessness can be overwhelming. God bless you for writing handling this topic so beautifully. God bless you.

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  7. Every time I read this kind of story my heart goes to those I love who have committed suicide. It leaves us with so many questions filled with deep grief. My brother is suffering from it now as his son shot himself a year ago. It’s always hard to know what to say to him or what not to say because the grief is so deep and raw. Thank you for posting this, I know those who have been this before will appreciate your words and heart in it.

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    • Oh dear Betty! I am so sorry that your family has been touched by suicide! It’s a grief that leaves you wondering if there was something you could have done or said differently….My brother in law shot himself years ago. It hurt me so bad. I had just practically felt the need to urge him to go to church with me. I couldn’t get him to go. I tried. But I lived in guilt for years….And then a dear friend’s husband shot himself, but survived. It left his face disfigured. It almost destroyed their children. Their son still suffers from the trauma. My heart goes out to you and your family! I will be praying that God gives y’all a release in peace. There are some things we have no control over. We just have to release them into God’s hands. 😢🙏🏻Only God can get us through those kinds of times.


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