Sunday Music: Church Of Rhythm | Life Is Worth Fight For

God is truly amazing in the things He does! He is a mystery at times, and His ways are past finding out! But He always has a purpose and plan. I pray this message reaches the person it was meant for, because He laid this subject on two of us on the same day here on WP. Here’s Stu’s story. I am so thankful that you are still with us brother, living to tell your testimony with boldness! It’s a very powerful testimony! Y’all read it for yourself!

Something to Stu Over

Life is tough!

Life does feel like a merry-go-round at times.

Sometimes it is spinning so fast you feel like a flag hanging on to a pole by a thread.

And I for one wanted off that merry-go-round when I was a teen. Yes, that’s right! There was a time when I thought of ending it all.

I tried. I just didn’t cut deep enough.

My best friend had a gun to his head. God intervened.

Some of my friends were, sadly, successful 😥

The thing is…I’ve been there.

I’ve had those thoughts were I felt the world would be better without me in it. Where I felt alone and no one cared.

But that was just the depression talking. I did have people who cared.

And had I succeeded my life would have ended. No marriage, no Brandon or Erin and the pain of having me gone would have…

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