A Different 3-2-1 Quote Me

Hi everyone! This one is a little different in that it’s also called a chain-letter 3-2-1 Quote Me challenge or tag. 

I was nominated by my friend Steve at Steve’s Country.

He has a wonderful site with amazing photography and poems! Not to mention Muffin, who is one cute kitty!🐱 You must stop and check out his blog!

Thanks Steve for nominating me in this one! I love picture quotes!


The rules for this “chain-letter” are quite simple:

1. Thank the selector

2. Post two quotations for the dedicated “Topic of the Day” (in this case, “happiness”)

3. Select three bloggers to take part in “3-2-1 Quote Me

Here are my nominees…. 🤔 Sorry I’m breaking the rules on all accounts. I chose 3 pics and lots of nominees.😱 My apologies! 😄🌻

Bee Tree Gathering Debbie

Nina Growing Up Sideways

Krc Sand Moos

Stu Something To Stu Over

Amy A New Life

Yonnie In His Care

Purple Rose Confessions and Thoughts of a Reluctant Preacher’s Daughter

DollFaced Writer

Deandra Precious One


iWrite…my love story

Wm Harmony Books

Drawing Closer to Christ Dawn

Wendi Simply Chronically Ill

Brenda Becoming His Tapestry

Vivian God’s Whispers of Truth


  1. Congratulations Renee!😊🎉
    I really loved the first quote❤
    Happiness indeed is something we have to create from within and on our own. No one else can do that for us. I think just by practising gratitude we can be more happy and content in our lives. I practice Gratitude everyday and it surely has made me a more happy person 😀❤

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  2. Aw—this is sweet. Happiness is wonderful! I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile now…is there a difference between happiness and being happy?
    Steve and Muffin are daily happiness! They always make me chuckle—Muffin has quite a way with words. 🙂
    Thank you, dear Renee for keeping me in your thoughts—I see I am good company.

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      • Oh my goodness Nina! You found the fountain of youth! 😍…Loved the handstand! I sure wish I could do that! I could only do a cartwheel when I was WAAAY younger! 🧜‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️ Why the mermaid and merman you ask? Just because I’ve been wanting to use those emojis! So now I can say I have! 😜🤗


      • That is too funny. Sometimes I want to use an emoji—just because, but I’m like wait—is the person going to get it? Good to to know I can freely use them here🐭🦕🦔

        I need an emoji for “I broke the tip of my left thumb yesterday while we were splitting wood and got seven stitches.” Ouch. However, ‘happiness’ is being grateful I only broke the tip (the tuft) and not the whole joint. A squirrelly log pinched my thumb in a moment’s inattention. Happened fast! 👨‍⚕️🧶👍🦴🎣💉💊🛌
        This too shall pass…🙏🏻

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      • Aw me too—good to relate. And thank you for the prayers. They always comfort.
        I’ll be ok. Funny, I’ve been stuck on a piece about “Denial/Acceptance” stages of grieving. When I first saw my thumb still stuck (my husband was right there to pry open the log)—I was in total denial. This didn’t just happen. Even in the ER—watching seemed so surreal—that’s not my thumb getting stitches—then later in the evening—accepting the pain. Hot sharp shooting pain. It’s not so bad—I’ll get through it. Weird.
        My husband is taking good care of me. So much gratitude. 👫💑⛑.
        Hope all is well and the storms have settled. How is your is you sister?

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      • I loved the emojis Nina! But thinking about that poor thumb…🥴yikes! Maybe it happened that way for the post you are working on—a teaching moment from THE Teacher? I’m still praying for you!🙏🙏 And my oldest sis got the results back from her cat scan….still CANCER FREE!!!! 💃🙌🙌🙌 Thanks so much for asking! We are still getting scattered rain showers here and there, but we’re good here.🥴I’m liking that emoji..🥴🥴


      • Yay!!! Free is good. I’m good too. Better today. Feeling more myself. Getting through it—with the help of my husband. 👫 for sure a teaching moment—for us both. Thank you dear Renee for keeping me in your prayers. Appreciated and well received. 🥰🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🤗Another 9 days or so and the stitches come out—and I can get back out and dirty in the garden! 🌱🌺🌿🌸☘️

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      • Yesterday, I sat outside, on the grass, under the shade of an oak tree with a book. Little birds bathed in the fountain—making me giggle…in the garden is where I feel closest to heaven. So much gratitude…even through the throbbing.

        Learning to do more with my opposite hand. I’m left-handed, and of course It’s my left thumb. Even trying to crochet—with some success—very slowly and wow is it difficult to crochet right-handed! Haha!

        My husband is great—picking up my chores and doing all the cooking—and changing my dressing…
        Last night, I admit—looking at it, while on the one hand, so grateful for modern medicine and how the doctor stitched me up—and still—really uneasy feeling…I have a long way to go before I’m out of the woods. Acceptance is tough, but doable, I’m learning.

        Thank you for all the color—brightens and cheers. You are a truly lovely person and I’m grateful for your kindness and friendship.🙏🏻

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      • That was very sweet to say!!!😊 I’m also glad to be knowing you Nina! That sounds like a lovely thing to do, sitting under an oak…reminds me of that scene in Alice in Wonderland where she’s sitting under the tree with a book and gets swept down a rabbit hole in that adventure she had! Nature is truly a blessing! Glad you have someone to help you while you mend! And looking to do things differently sometimes is a blessing in disguise. Get well soon!!! And rest and enjoy that time off!😁😎🌷The garden will wait! 🐇 🐛🦋 🐱🎩


      • Aw sweet—I hadn’t thought of Alice, but you’re right. Heehee. Yes, nature is a blessing. All of it. And I totally agree—sometimes doing things differently is also a blessing. I’ll get through this ordeal, and the next one…
        Each challenge makes us a little bit stronger. Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful weekend—yes, rest is so important for us all. 🦢💐🍦🎨🎠

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      • Yes we must be as tough as nails by now lol from all these events through the years! But we will make it! Love the flower and 🍦 emoji! Makes me wanna have some at 9:11 a.m. in the morning!


      • Ooh—tough as nails—I’m hearing a poem in this. Denial/acceptance.
        I’m as tough as nails in the palms of His hands…

        🦍🐙🐠🦐 just imagine—all this technology—so we can play with emojis! Truly awesome. Ice cream at anytime 😇
        Someone told me years ago “saints are sinners who never gave up”. We can’t give up.

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      • Inspired by you…😇
        We’ve got smoke today from nearby wildfires—deciding which direction to go to get some air. Silly human caused—illegal campfire. Sigh….the winds blowing right towards us. 💦💧💦💧


      • Aw—that just put a great big smile on my face. No—not in any danger. Others are evacuating—God be with them.
        I’m now reflecting on all the times I stupidly and ignorantly put myself in danger—dumb stuff! That was someone else, right? That wasn’t me…sure it was. So much unnecessary suffering.

        I see what some kids are doing today—and I want to scream—NOOOOO!!! Don’t do it. I’ve been down that path—and it’s a trap! But—this is life. Traps and all—we have to find our way out—by first finding our way in. Oh goodness I think the smoke is starting to effect my brain…
        We are packing up and heading out to find fresh air. Be well, sweet friend. I’ll be back soon…hopefully with a poem or two. 🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬

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      • So true! Everything we go through helps someone else along the way! And if only young people will listen and learn from our mistakes, they wouldn’t have to go down a rough way. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” they say. Be safe! Get some fresh air’❤️🤗🤗


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