Brain Freeze

Have you ever had one of those forgetful moments? 👵 Maybe old age creeping up on you?🤷‍♀️

I was almost ready, and putting the finishing touching on my hair when it hit me like a stick of dynamite 🧨 🤜💥

–No church tonight, due to several members being out of state for NAYC services! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Into the pjs I went 😂

Today was a special day for my first grandchild! The big “5!”

Happy Birthday Easton! Nonna loves you Lil Man!🥰💋

We video chatted on Messenger and played this funny Hamburger game on there. We both took turns trying to eat all the hamburgers that came out onto the screen. The more you ate the chubbier your cheeks got!

I look a hot mess here! Don’t judge 😂😆😝

Hopefully we get to see them all this weekend–daughter and all the grand babies.🥰

Hope you all have peaceful dreams tonight! 😴 💤


  1. Cute Grandson…I love that we get to see our 3 grandchildren everyday because we share a house with them. Best thing in the word to have them come into our part of the house for a kiss or want a cookie or watch cartoons, or just to say hi…

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    • Thanks Tina! I tried to comment on one of your posts. It didn’t show up as posted on my end. Do you have to approve all comments on your blog before they will publish? If so, please check to see if my comments are in limbo. This glitch in WP is killing me!😂🤷‍♀️


      • Yep, I moderate all of my comments. I did see and accept your comment on my video. 😊 Glad you enjoyed it! You’re still going to spam? I haven’t seen anymore of your comments in the spam “can” As your call it. Hehe. 😊

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      • Lol… she’s definitely quirky, but that’s what we love about her. Plus, she loves to be cuddled, and held. Our other cath doesn’t even like to be held, but she’ll sit in your lap if you’re in the right spot. It’s her way, or no way. 😊

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      • It’s true. 😊 Plus, you never know what they’ll do next. And even if you’ve seen them do the same thing a billion times, it’s still as adorable as the first time you saw it.

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      • I love it when they do flips in the air and tumble on their backs! And skitter sideways with the hair raised on their backs! I have had several who when they were younger did this, and cracked me up! The cat I have now, was older when I got her. My daughter’s cat. She had to leave her here when she moved last. Grace fit right in here! She had to train our dog at first. She whipped him pretty good! He was a little annoying, so she scratched him up something fierce, but it sure did calm him down!😂


      • Lol… poor guy. That’s pretty cool. I named our neighbors cat Grace. lol. We almost kept her. We thought she was a stray! There’s a story to go along with that, but you’ll have to wait for it to come out on my blog. Two cat tales actually lead up to us getting our own furry babies. Let’s just say both cats had their own little adventure….. lol

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  2. I would have loved to see your face when you released there was no church.😂😂😂 That’s hilarious!! Happy birthday little guy!🎊 Stay little and care free as long as you can!❤ (It stinks growing up!😝)


  3. Can someone please let Jacquie A. Bradford over at Joy Cottage know that my comments aren’t going through on her posts? Thanks so much! If she moderates her comments, maybe this is what’s happening?🤷‍♀️


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