A Child’s Desire ©Chelsea Greene 2019 All Rights Reserved

After I shared with my daughter what Dragon Warrior had written to me yesterday and the pic she drew for me, it inspired her to draw a few pics herself and write this original poem. She wrote it with me in mind and to my unborn grandbaby, her first soon to-be-born child.😄😭🥰🤗💙 She is due at the end of October!

I am one happy Moma here to see my girl back to writing and drawing. I sure hope she makes a habit of it from now on!🙏 She has given me permission to share with you.

(Sophie, I tried to reblog what you wrote to me, but was unable. Will figure it out soon! Thanks again sweet girl! 💜💕

A Child’s Desire By: Chelsea Greene

“Be patient. You have to stand in line.”

“When can I meet her?”

“Will she be pretty?”

“Yes, one of a kind.”

“Will she make me soup when I won’t feel well?”

“She will, and so much more, only time will tell.”

“I cant wait to meet her, is that her down below?”

“Yes little one, I’m preparing a space for you to grow.”

“Oh she’s so pretty.. but she’s missing something you see.”

“Ah yes, she isn’t ready just yet, just leave that to me.”

“Wow. My very own mother. Does she know me yet?”

“There’s enough love in her heart for you. Love you’ll never forget.”

“But if she doesn’t know I’m coming, won’t she be mad?”

“It’ll surprise her for sure, but it wont be bad.”

“Wheres my daddy? I don’t see him yet!”

“You see, your father is still young.. and he hasn’t found her yet.”

“I’m growing so impatient. I want her warm hugs right away!”

“For now you must look out for her until I send you away.”

“I’ve been waiting here forever. Oh look theres my dad now!”

“Watch the way he treats her. If you want to know how to love, he will show you how.”

“They are dancing in the rain. I long to be there.”

“Ah yes. Their Love is beautiful, you’ll see. They really do show how much they care.”

“Is it my time yet? I think I’m ready!”

“I’ll send you in a minute. Hush now. Keep steady.”

“Gosh my very own mother and father.. I’m lucky to have them even if it isn’t today.”

“Close your eyes my dear.. and start to drift away.”

“I’m starting to feel sleepy. I’m yawning quite a bit.”

“I’m glad that you could wait. Our conversations, I’ll never forget.”

“Goodbye. It’s been a good one, I’m ready to embrace their love.”

“Goodbye child. We will meet again. But until then I’ll be watching you all from above.”

My Mama


  1. Thanks everyone. I tried really hard on this .. the words flowed to life. I know it’s a rough draft and maybe they dont flow together 100% but I did try my best! I havent edited it yet. Mama posted it just as is lol 🖤

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