That Peaceful Easy Feeling ✌️

Here is a cuteness overload for you…a tiny hummingbird perched in a hickory nut tree guarding the feeder yesterday—maybe a female. It has a white-tipped tail….A ruby throated hummingbird?…. Not sure….

Some have a white and red ring around the throat and green feathers.

The view on my walk to the mailbox and back.

A wildflower along the way

A wild lily perhaps?
This is for you Steve. It looks like mushrooms here are a tad different than the ones in Canada.

Wild palmettos
The dreaded banana spiders here in the South. I have accidentally ran through their webs while mowing grass or driving a four-wheeler around our property! Can you say wreck?!🙀
Toxic berries we were told not to eat playing outside growing up. It didn’t stop us kids from mixing into mud for purple mudpies though! 🤦‍♀️
I accidentally took a pic of the parcel of mail I was taking to my mailbox. I thought it was cool, so I decided to add here.
Peek-a-boo—I see you!
Broken but beautiful
Topsy Turvy


  1. Hi Renee! See? I’m late too! We have mushrooms that look like that here too, I have so many pics of different mushrooms now and have only shown a few. That is a ruby throated hummingbird, good pic of that one! Enjoyed them all actually, have a great week Renee!😃😺🍁🍂

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