The Lion-hearted Princess

Another heart…in her hair on the right from her forehead.

She must save herself from the dragon— from without and the one from within. No knight in shining armor will come to save her. She is in a parched place of no refuge. The castle’s chambers are locked shut. She clangs on the bars of the prison’s clutches all day. Misunderstood. Misjudged.

Their spy glass inspects the outside, but they cannot see within. The place where she is dying. No help. No one to see the real her. They see only the outside that looks whole. They cannot see that she wishes to break free from the plague of her mere existence that has gripped her tightly within its clutches, like an eagle whose claws are clutching its prey. They mock her. She must be crazy they think. They only see what they want to see.

She sits in the silence that echoes what she knows in her heart. She must love herself, she must save herself. No one will. Stop caring what others think of her. They don’t matter.

She catches the guard off guard. She had the keys now. She lies in wait to break free. She must somehow get to the King. He will know what to do. His wisdom will conquer her enemies.

It is dark, she escapes. She slips through the darkness to journey to the King’s palace. She waits for her chance. And she throws herself at His feet. Asking for mercy. Someone to understand her plight.

The King raises his septor. She pours out herself like a wine that has been stored in a long-abandoned cellar. He sees. He sees deep within her soul. “Rise my Daughter. Thy faith hath made thee whole.” She rises a champion. Made whole.


  1. This princess reminds me of you, Renee. Pushing pass the obstacles and circumstances, gritting her teeth and surging ahead. Such courage and bravery. Love your heart and passion ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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