Betty at Wisehearted

Many of you have wonderful posts that bless me every single time I stop by. If only I could include every single link! I keep saying I will feature a few here and there. Hopefully I will soon!

Betty and her grandson singing in the video.

The humor and wisdom in this first post by Betty at Wisehearted just tickled me! I would love to go shopping with her! She is a wonderful and beautiful mess!

Her joy shines forth as she displays the love of God through her posts! I think you will agree when you read them and give her a little follow! Boogers and Shoestrings She and her grandson sing a Christmas carol together in this one, while her grandson plays guitar! What a blessing and treasure!

Then there is the one about her younger sweet little grandson! It touched my heart Don’t Give Up On Me

I had to include the song she referred to that inspired her grandson not to give up during his soccer game. Here it is: Don’t Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer

Y’all please stop in and tell her I said hello! You will be blessed! 💜🤗


  1. How sweet of you Renee to highlight a couple of my blogs. You are an “others” wise women, always thinking of others and giving encouragement. Thanks you. Betty

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      • I have to agree with you on two parts. I have been cruising different blogs and visited Bettys and adored her story on Boogers
        and Shoestrings. I take myself too seriously at times, and other times I can be my worst enemy. However I love reading uplifting and encouraging blogs, it lifts my spirit and reaffirms my faith and trust in God. I need her perspective at this moment
        . Then I came to your blog and appreciated what you wrote about Betty, highlighting that one story, and Renee, I did not know your name means reborn, but you are right, there is a meaning to names. That’s why our Heavenly Father pre-named some of His children highlighted in our Bible. He has a purpose
        and plan for each of for He created our souls before the foundation of this world. My name is Susan, and it means Lily of the Valley. I named my son Jesse which means in Hebrew,Gods gift. Thank you for sharing and Gods blessings to you. ❤

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      • Thank you Susan for sharing your heart and for your kind words! I love to read uplifting, encouraging and touching posts myself. There have been days I have read something on WP that I needed to hear at that moment…I love Betty’s spirit. She is so sweet. 🙂….We have something in common…I have a sister named Susan and my paternal grandpa’s name was Jessie. 😉 And yes I believe names have true meaning. 🙂


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