Can You Praise Me For The Victory?

What a strange place for intercessory prayer to hit her. Sitting at a place of distraction. At the wooden desk, doing bills.

Thoughts of her husband’s backslidden condition were triggered from a morning spent, trying to swim through that vast sea of debt they were drowning in.

Trying to find another solution to the problem, she fought to keep the resentment down. She had managed to revise the old budget – to cut even more corners. But it wasn’t enough, no matter what she did. She could not fix it. They managed to always remain a paycheck behind every week.

The scripture, “Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven,” came to mind. At right about that moment, her friend chose to text her a scripture – the next part of that scripture, to be exact! She didn’t know until she opened her bible and read it.

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:19‬ ‭

She texted back and told her friend, “Please pray for hubby and for me this morning. I’m doing bills. Not enough money for the week again.” Her friend reassured her they would bind together in prayer.

Putting the phone down on the desk, she buried her face in her hands and wept, praying for her husband. And for herself. And for their messed up finances.


….came the question….that interrupted the ‘pity party’ she had invited only three pitiful guests to:

Me. Myself. And. I.

God had a way of doing that a lot during such times.

Surprised, she answered, “YES, I CAN praise you FOR the VICTORY!”

She closed the party down and sent all the miserable guests home. With SELF out of the way, she stood raising her hands high in total surrender.

A loud praise flowed through her lips, as she CHOSE to praise HIM for the victory right there in her living room!

JESUS had been invited into that room!!! She could not see Him, but she felt His familiar Presence rise up within her soul.

That glorious feeling that felt like a red and white striped peppermint inside her mouth. A cool, crisp clean feeling like that, filled up every part of her heart, like it had been washed clean from the sin of her worries. Peace flowed throughout her whole body and mind….

She never wanted to be without that clean, happy feeling of Jesus within her!! She kept praying, till she FELT the victory.



    • I have to be honest, Stu, it was the hardest thing I have ever done at first. Somewhere between balling and praising, His Spirit took over! The Lord reminded me of this again this morning, as I was reading my devotions, and I later told our ladies at 9:00 a.m. Ladies Prayer meeting. We all did it, and it was very powerful! It’s like He replaces that heavy burden for gladness and peace for despair! God is SO good!!! He always knows what we need to do. Try it! Dance in advance! 🙌🏼 💃🏼🕺🏼

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      • Missing you. Glad to see you again, my friend. I really enjoy your writings—this is so heartfelt and relatable for so many. Inspiring sermon stories. 👍
        I’m finished with my story. Final post today. Growingupsideways grew up! Time to fly to new lands, new adventures. 💓
        I’ll continue to post some old favorites for the next month—through the holiday/
        impeachment season. Ha!

        Not a day has gone by since 2016 that I haven’t Thanked God for sending HIS servant to set the House straight. Did I say that? Yes I did.

        Ok, Grandma…see you soon🤗

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      • Yes! Been missing you and your videos and fun conversations! 😆…So the sideways girl has grown “up.” I love it!….I think we are all being healed little by little from the things we have endured…. New lands and new adventures sounds exciting! I wish you happiness along the way my friend!… I hope I can find your newest post in my notifications! Thank you for your sweet words about my “writings”…means the world to me! 🤗…Oh yes you did go and say it girl! 🙂🙊🙂….Grandma has a nice ring to it….🙂🙃


      • Grandma has a lovely ring! A well deserved title. ❤️ Yes, we are all being healed little by little…God works in mysterious ways for sure! Thank you for the well wishes too. I’ll be back to visit—I’ve got you in my “favorites” file. If you don’t see me in your notifications—just click on my icon—and I’ll be there. 🙈
        Oh I’ve sure had fun with you as well—all our conversations! 🌈💃😇🧸💘…

        I wish for you and your family all the joy and peace of the Christmas season, health and happiness in the coming years and LOVE. Thank you for being a kind presence here on WP. Keep writing and teaching! 🤗💓🤗💓🤗

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      • I hope you keep visiting! Please don’t quit on your WP family! We love you! 😁 And thanks for always building me up and others here! You are a true blessing!…I do WP from my phone app, and when I click on your icon, a lot of times, it doesn’t show me your recent posts…It does this with others I follow also…not sure why? 🤷🏼‍♀️I will just save this post…Yessss! Our conversations have been the best! 🙂🤗

        Wishing you the best also in this most wonderful time of the year! And especially LOVE! 👶 ✝️ 🌲🎅


      • Oh I wonder if it takes you to my home page—which is static. Hmmm….good to know. Awww—it really is a wonderful thing that WP can connect us together in such a way through time and distance—that is tangible and real. I feel it! I feel the love from you and others in the family. That’s super cool. 💓💓💓

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  1. Renee, I could write too many stories about this kind of struggle but here I write at 72 on the other side of all of them. I am not wasted away by lack of food, got more clothes then I need, rent is paid every month, all necessity of life are in place. Coming through so many tough times and watching how God worked it out despite my fear, lack of trust, anxiety and tears has only convinced me He is real and He cares for me more then anyone on this earth. Though I may suffer and lack at times it’s only draw me closer to Him, it’s never a punishment. He never punishes those He loves, those who belong to Him, we are not under condemnation. He only ask us to trust, He did not promise easy here, He did promise He would walk though the hard with us. Lovely, encouraging post.

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