A Greater Vision

I thought the view from this picture glass window at the doctor’s appointment this past week was so cool! The leaves from the hedge outside the window looked like it was transferred onto my legs and feet!

The following song was one of the songs our Worship Team started the service with. I got to thinking about the lyrics.

I still have that joy, even though things are not right as rain in my life. You can still have that joy. It’s keeping the faith when you want to give up. Walking by faith. 👞👠🥿🥾👢👡

That’s the vision God wants us all to have. Put those faith glasses on my friend!!!


The kind of vision that keeps us walking straight ahead, not turning to the left or the right. Fixing our eyes ahead on our Lord who will make things as right as rain one of these days.

The view from the doc’s office.

Lord, give us your eyes, your vision today! Help us to keep the faith and not get discouraged by the winds of the storm that are roaring all around. In Jesus Name we pray! Amen.

Joy. Vision. Hope. 🙂🎶

Here’s that song for ya! 💜💕

VaShawn Mitchell “Joy”

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. I love this so much! And it’s about the fourth or fifth time this week that “joy” has come up in videos… songs… conversations… BLOGS. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we can kind of “dry out” in our faith walk. We get comfortable, or whatever term we want to use, and things just start to feel very common. Very old hat. I felt it myself, let things get to me that shouldn’t have, and before I knew it, it had brought me to a place where I was focusing on things I shouldn’t have. Maybe they weren’t “bad”, but they certainly weren’t “joyful”. So, as they always do, your post was right where I needed it to be when I showed up here in your space 🙂 Thank you for posting this JOY! God is so good to remind us in such beautiful ways, that we are cherished! ❤

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    • Stacey your kind words have really encouraged me, especially to keep going! God bless you sister!

      I think sometimes we just get bored with how our lives are going, like you said complacent, and at times stagnant. We have to be rejuvenated, strengthened by the joy of the Lord and our minds renewed daily. It’s so easy to stray from seeing His vision in our lives, because of the stress we have to deal with daily. We need to get to the place that we can keep His deep abiding joy during the good and bad times.

      I’m so thankful that God has been speaking to your heart. Isn’t it amazing the ways He speaks? 🙌🏼💜

      I felt today that I just need to “keep looking.” Even when we cannot see a change, we keep hoping and believing that it will happen. What would we do without the joy of the Holy Ghost shed abroad in our hearts?
      Thank you so much for blessing me with your words! God Bless! 🤗💜

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      • Amen, Sis, you said it! If we could only see behind the veil… my goodness, and praise God… what joy there would be for the warring going on in the heavenlies on our behalf! 🙂 I’m honored that my words meant something to you, and I’ll be praying for you and your family ❤ Blessings to you, Sis!

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  2. Hi / that is a an awesome photo with the window reflections and Your nice heels!
    Also like the shoe emojis and checking out the song later
    Peace to you and wishing you a great rest of the week

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    • Thank you so much Yvette! I have loved seeing your photos also. 🙂
      I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing your comment here. I rescued it from my Spam folder today! I haven’t had much time to access my blog from the computer, because of lack of spare time. My grandbaby keeps us all busy! Hope you had a wonderful week and have an even greater weekend!

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