I’m Gonna See A Victory

This use to be a pecan orchard to the right. The trees are still there.

How is your VISION today? I know with myself, my eyes get blurry at times, with these glasses I’m wearing. I’m constantly having to take them off and clean them, so I can see out of them good.

But you know what? No matter what….I believe I’m going to see a victory! I may have to clean up my vision to get God’s vision today, but it will happen. I will reap if I faint not! I love this song I heard on the way to church! 💜👏🏼

He’s turning everything that the enemy meant for evil around in your life today. You got to believe that! Listen to this song, it’s awesome!

See A Victory/ Elevation

Know that you are loved. You are safe. Another new song I heard when I left church heading home.

I Know/Big Daddy Weave

Keep being faithful and you will see the victory! Remember to praise Him ahead of the victory!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! ✌🏼🙌🏼💃🏼👏🏼 🎶


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