Still In The Shadow Of His Wings

Pancakes from scratch, drowned in syrup. We had a late breakfast after all this was over. 😝

I want to give a VICTORY REPORT this morning! God is so good! Even when we don’t know we are in any kind of danger, God is always protecting and sheltering us in the shadow of His wings.

I went outside to feed my fur babies a little late this morning, and it was thundering but not raining yet. The wind was just starting to kick up. I knew it was about to get bad because Chess was trying to get inside with me. We have a shed outside where our furbabies can get out of the rain.

In the meantime, my oldest brother had called on FaceTime and was chatting with my hubby, so, I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the chat when I got back indoors. My brother doesn’t live too far around the corner from us. The rain started at his house first, then, it poured down here. The strange thing is, it only lasted here around 15 minutes and moved on.

At the end of the conversation with my brother, I heard my phone going off in the other room. It knew it had to be the church chat group by the way the texts were coming in one right after another. Afterwards, the Emergency Alert went off on my phone and my brother’s, cutting off our connection. (My hubby has his turned off on his. 🤦‍♀️) Big Bro called back.

A lady from our church first texted the chat group warning everyone to be safe, they were on lockdown at Walmart where she worked, due to a tornado warning.

Another brother in the chat warned that trees were down in his community everywhere, and the road was blocked just past the church sign by a fallen tree.

The next brother, who is a local fire fighter, warned that it was leaving that area, still on the ground.

Afterwards, my daughter shared with me the news on our local Sheriff’s Department Facebook page. Six different areas received damage in our little county. Multiple reports of damage to trees, a few buildings and power lines down. Two people suffered minor injuries during the storm when their vehicle flipped.

My next to the oldest brother and his wife lived near one of those areas also. A mile from their place. The roof got ripped off that home, with a woman and child inside. No injuries.

I also had a friend who was just leaving the dog groomer in her community, when the sky turned dark and rained heavily. She had no idea what was happening, till she got to the shop where she works as an accountant. Her son who lives next to the family business, was standing in his doorway, calling her on the phone. He had gotten the alert. She had not!

We are all ok. That’s all that matters! As of yet, I don’t think there was any loss of life. I share all this to say, just 15 minutes or less could totally change your life as you know it. So, I will thank God for no personal property damage or loss of life here! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

I pray each of you are safe and remain safe in the shadow of His wings today and all throughout this virus isolation. God Bless! 💕


  1. He is faithful, Who promised!! I’m so glad to hear you’re okay ❤ !! We had tornado "watches" last week, but nothing substantial, thank God. Thank you for sharing this verse. I'm going to go mark it in my own Bible! Praying for you and your family always!

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