The Power of Empowering

If there’s something I’ve discovered, it’s that I truly feel God wants us ladies to empower each other.

Not only ladies, but every brother or sister in Christ.

To cheer each other on in the things God has called us to do.

We all have gifts and callings that God knows we will shrug off and not get done, because we really feel unworthy.

We all have handicaps.

Those handicaps stop us from doing great things for God.

Think of Moses. Can you imagine how dumb he felt he sounded when he tried to talk and stuttered so bad?

Brother or sister, I can relate to that! I may not stutter, but I’m not very photogenic, feel I look well AT ALL or even have the voice for video! If you only knew how many pics it takes and how slow I talk! 😜

My point is, even though we are not perfect at all, God can still use us! A lot of times he takes our strengths and gifts and uses them for His Glory, but sometimes He takes the weak to confound the wise!

I had a dear friend send me a video message last week. It really blessed my heart! I cannot tell you how much so, that it encouraged me – just putting a face to her sweet voice!

I have never met her in person. I do know for a fact she stepped out of her comfort zone, but the truth is, she was so beautiful on the video! Inside and out! She don’t see HOW beautiful she is to me and to God!

I have never cared much what people looked like on the outside. I feel a person’s true beauty is inside the heart. I just love people. They don’t have to be all that and a bag of chips. Lol.

Another point I’m trying to make is, the things we do to encourage (from the heart) our brother or sister, can give them wings and courage to feel they can storm hell with a water pistol and do ANYTHING they feel led from God!

I pray that I can be that kind of friend to this community! I know you have made me feel I could do greater things, even when I felt ignorant lol. Thank you for that! I will always be grateful! I love you to the moon my friends!

What do you say? Will you accept the challenge to be your brother or sister’s keeper? Their encourager, their prayer partner, their bright light at the end of the tunnel? 💜💕 Their angel?😇


    • Richard thanks for your kind words! They mean a lot! With good friends like you, it gives me strength for another day- I am always blessed by the priceless giftings God has personally gifted you with with! I have a lot of catching up to do here on posts! Yours for sure! 😄


  1. You definitely have touched my life and been a beacon of light, it is very sweet to see all the people on here in this community who love you and that you encourage and inspire with every written word using your gifts and talents from God😁 May God’s favor and blessing pour upon you, my dear sweet friend❤️💯

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    • Debbie!!😭😭😭-this means so much to me! You have continually touched my life in so many ways and inspired me by each and every gifted God-breathed word of encouragement you’ve shared with me! I thank my God for you!

      You are the one who taught me that we all have a Voice, and we should never let anyone shut it down.

      I hope you realize how beautiful you really are and how powerful your prayers are with God! Don’t ever let anyone’s negative words make you feel any less! The enemy has tried so hard to beat you down with those words and shut you up so many times…but if he only knew- those words have made you stronger-made you run for safety in God’s Word. He would have never sent those fiery darts your way!

      I’ve always known there is something special deep inside you, a rare gifting from God! And you use it for God’s Glory!

      I really don’t know where I would be without your friendship and love! I love you so much! Hugs!

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      • 🤗🤗😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I’m trying not to cry, it’s hopeless, thank you Renee, I’m speechless, Wow, Glory to God! You are an awesome friend, and you accepted me as I was, I’m forever grateful! 🤗🙌🏼🙏🏼

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      • I’m glad you talked me into coming along for the ride in a blogging adventure! Sharing your courage with me, made the difference in my life! You make a difference in this world!😇 I would have never done it without you! I owe you big! Sharing this with you has really meant a lot to me! And I guess we both needed the tears girl! Love ya!💜


  2. I so agree with you…we ladies need each other for we understand each other. I am always surprised when men read my blog and comment as If I am an equal. We have a lot to give to the body of Christ and that means men too. I enjoy your post and the wisdom you share .

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    • Betty you always bless me with YOUR words of wisdom in every post and comment! We do need each other and for the days to come! Where would the world be without godly women? Or, godly men for that matter? We are definitely equally loved by our Heavenly Father! Love you!


    • I am the same way! Was trying to read a recipe yesterday while cooking, and with all the noisy bustle in the background, I didn’t think I would ever get dinner finished! Same with other things, I have to stay focused!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂


  3. You know, I remember reading this (and crying, because you have been SUCH an encouragement to ME!!), and even remembering the reply I crafted, apparently in my head, LOL! I really thought I had responded here, but I guess I didn’t. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, though, to tell you what a perfect and on-time post this is. I see that many others agree. You are truly a flower in the Master’s Garden, Sis, and a jewel in His crown! Love you so much!

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    • I am totally humbled! And I do mean humbled by everyone’s response to this! 😭 Have you ever been so totally surprised by something? Well, here I am! Blown away! The encouragement YOU GUYS have sent me, just made my day! 💜💕

      And Stacey, you have totally been an encouragement to me, as well! 💕

      God sure has blessed me with some awesome awesome friends! 🤩

      A flower in God’s garden and a jewel in His crown? 😭😭💜🤗

      Love you my friend!😇

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  4. Remember that what we can and can’t do isn’t limited to what we believe but how much our Mighty God believes in us. He has shown me this by doing miracles both to correct me (which I wouldn’t recommend by the way) and to show me what He has planned for me. We have such an awesome God.

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