Peace on Earth As It Is In Heaven

I Still Believe/Dolly Parton

Dear YOU,

I know you feel praying is not doing much good, and it feels like I am a million miles away at this point.

The things that are happening in this world were never a part of my original plan. I am a gentleman and will never force myself on another. I have loved you deeply. That is why I give you free-will.

You will feel at times the valleys overshadow the mountains in your life. That’s why it’s so important to read my Word. Know my Word. Hide it in your heart.

If you seek me with all your heart, I will be found of you. For I am the very air you breathe. I am omniscient -all knowing. I am omnipotent -all powerful. I am omnipresent -everywhere at the same time.

Washing dishes – a heart

Yes, I am right there in your struggles or when you lie awake at night. I am even there, child. Closer than a whisper. Closer than a brother or mother. I am whatever you need me to be. When your father or mother forsakes you, I will take you up.

It’s not easy letting go. But if you let go, I can work. Faith is the things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen. Hope is your steady anchor. And my banner of LOVE is ever waving over you!

I love this quote.

Life hurts. It was not in my original plan. Please know this. I wanted my creation to never want for anything. Nor to feel any pain or sorrow. Even though right now, weeping endures, one day in Heaven, it will pass away, and my beautiful plan will unfold. My children will finally never have to want for anything there. But in this life, you will have sorrow. Tribulation. But take heart! I have already overcome the world!

Tell me your everything. Those deepest concerns that torment you so. Especially at night. Surrender to Me, and you will find My Will. Come unto me, and I will make your burdens light. I will listen to your heart’s cry. I AM YOUR LIGHT. Will you still believe?


Your Heart’s Comforter


  1. You, my dear sister, are a super encourager! It’s amazing how you can craft and weave words that seem so meaningless until they are put together in such a way as to describe something as amazing as the way Jesus cares for us! Everyone should read this 🙂 May God shower you with blessings, my dear, sweet friend!

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    • I’m so happy it made YOU happy and was helpful for you! 😄You are so welcome! Hope you are having more spectacular snow days! Think of me when you get to enjoy the view!
      We have nice weather today. Not too cold. Feels so nice outdoors! 🙂 Have a Happy Saturday, Kim!

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