A Place Called Desperate Prayers

Heart on the wing

Across the miles, there’s a mother down on her knees, distraught. In a place called “desperate prayers.

She struggles because she feels her world is spinning out of control.

What can she do now for her child? Will she be harmed there in that cold, jail cell?

The hurting mother wonders what will she do. What can she do?

She will take it to the Lord.

Dear Jesus, if only there was something I could do! Why is it out of my hands? I feel so broken and helpless! All I know is to give it to you. Lord, please send an angel to keep my baby safe in there from harm. Please, keep her safe….for me!

An unruly, drunken woman is thrown into the cell with the rest of them. She threatens to beat them all up, cursing and swinging her arms for good measure.

Hours she sits, listening to the threats, wondering if the woman will choose her as a target. She averts her eyes, making sure she doesn’t make any eye contact.

It’s late and everyone lays down on their cots for the night. She is afraid to close her eyes. Afraid of what could happen. She lies awake while the others fall asleep. She hears a sound.

What is that? Chimes? Tinkling chimes? She doesn’t move. Lays quietly still, listening. It sounds like chimes, but with the voice of a woman.

What is she saying? She is singing. She listens some more. She is singing a prayer for her!

She gasps! The woman is praying for her with the voice of tinkling chimes. She can barely believe what is happening. How can this be? It must be a miracle! She listens until she falls asleep in peace. No harm will come to her.

In a place called Desperate prayers,

Chains break.

Mountains move.

Walls fall.

And angels spring into action.

Desperate prayers MOVE God!


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