If Your Heart is in a Thousand Pieces

You Are Loved by Stars Go Dim

Grace, my kitty girl, has found a heart….leftover crumbs from a cheez-it I gave her.
I prayed for you today 💜💙

Do not be fooled by the innocent look. She will nip your toes in a heartbeat!

I am not amused by you mere human


    • Manu, glad to make you smile today! I wonder what’s going on with not being able to see on your app? I know I’ve been having problems with WP deleting some in my friends list and my email notifications will not stay on for some people. 🤦‍♀️

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    • Oh I think I know why! I added this post by WP phone app and went through the date and hit publish. Went back and could not find the post! It had posted posted June 2020! I’m going to have to pay attention from now on to the calendar. It don’t always highlight the right date!

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    • Thank you, Richard. I guess you could say Grace is also a rescue cat, in a way. My daughter could no longer keep her, so she asked if we could give her a new home. She is an outdoor cat and loves leaving gifts at our front door.😳🙄She is a mess. She loves sitting at my feet when I’m sitting on my porch, but I have to watch my toes! She will bite one moment and be all sweet the next. 😹😾😸

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