Strong Enough

My beautiful niece, Leann

Here’s to the brave hearts.

The ones who show up running on exhaust fumes.

For those who plow right through temptation to quit.

Who endure pain courageously and keep plodding along when they desperately want to run and hide.

That face negative voices around them every single day, telling them they are not good enough.

Or cannot overcome their past.

Will never be good enough.

Do enough.

Be pretty enough.

Or smart enough.


To those facing the test results holding their head up.

Those enduring radiation or chemo treatments.

Staring down a death sentence.

And for those who are down to their last dime.

There is something you must realize.

Must know.

You ARE brave.

You ARE strong.

You ARE enough.

You are more powerful than negative voices who live with you, brush shoulders with you, mock you. Taunt the God in you.

Those voices know it, and they know full well where their fate lies.

And they want to drag you down to the pit where they belong.

You ARE strong enough.




I dedicate this post to my feisty, strong niece in the last stages of breast cancer. I love you BIG, Leann. You have touched my life in so many ways!

YOU MATTER TO ME AND TO YOUR FAMILY! We are Praying for God’s Will in your life, no matter where that leads.. Xoxo😢😘

“I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. Plans to give you an expected end. I will be the wings above your face, protecting you in the middle of the night, in the middle of the flames. I will shield you. I will carry you.”


  1. Every day, her heart rises, to the challenge. The personification, the representation, her quintessence. Life shapes, her love becomes. Her heart is compelling, her story worth telling. Her strength, undeniably; Enough!

    Father, I bring Renee’s niece, to the foot of Your heart. I pray for healing, and peace over the entire family. Your love, says who we are. A child, of the most high God! Cover them, in Jesus’s name, Amen!

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