Wondrous Diamonds

A heart rock I found in my driveway, I put on my sunflower. 🥰

I connect with you through every child I glimpse. I see YOU in their eyes, shining as full as the moon.

Just one more time.

I long to hold your little hand once more, to rock you to sleep and whisper, “I love you.”

To make sure you know my love for you will always be.

ALWAYS, I will love you.


Love does what’s best.

Sacrifices its own desires.

Love doesn’t seek its own.

It must be tough for the greater good.

Love is hard.

Love bears all things.

Hopes all things.

To keep you safe and warm.

Shining as full as the moon, your love glances back at me.

Smiling with the brilliance of a million stars.

Diamonds most precious to me.

By: Renee Greene

The Grands
The same heart rock in the first pic above with the sunflower
At the park

Lena’s favorite song besides Frozen.


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