Kindred Spirits

~🌻When two humans seem to automatically connect and feel like they have known each other forever~🌻

I don’t even remember the details of how we met, just that it was on a social network, something comparable to My Space.

I can recall thinking that she had beautiful auburn hair and blue eyes, but that is not what really drew me to her. There wasn’t a tangible reason, other than the fact, that I felt it was a God-thing.

And so embarked our friendship. She reminded me of me, when I first came to know God. I was hesitant and cautious as to whom I confided in, let alone a stranger; because I had been hurt before.

I asked questions. I was an outsider. I can imagine what she may have been thinking. Somehow, we got past all that, and it has been around 9 years that we have been kindred spirits. (Or has it been longer? 🤔🤔)

We moved our friendship over to Facebook, and have corresponded ever since. Now, for anyone who knows me, that was so unlike me, to reach out to a perfect stranger on a social network. (I taught my children never to do this, and I still don’t recommend it to children or teenagers, don’t get me wrong. 😬) The truth of the matter is, we live in a great big scary, unsafe, world!

When we know God is in it, we have to trust that God has bigger plans than we can imagine, throw our cautions to the wind, and let God have His way! I’m so glad I did! We have laughed together. Cried together. Shared together. Prayed together. She has become and truly is a kindred spirit/friend.

In writing this post, it is not my intention to embarrass or offend in any way! I hope she realizes this. 😇 I am simply giving honor to my friend. 👸

“Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.”

Proverbs‬ ‭3:27‬ ‭KJV‬‬

I want the world to recognize and see how truly gorgeous she is, inside and out. She is strong. (Stronger than she realizes!) She is courageous and determined. She is a Prayer Warrior. She is kind, caring, giving, and full of God’s love. She is His hands and feet. She is a cancer-survivor. She has a powerful testimony! She is a Daughter of the King. She has worth and is very much loved by her Father, the King of Kings!

She is my friend. Loyal. A secret-keeper. The melody and harmony to my song! The one who encouraged me to write till the cows come home lol. She is the reason and inspiration for this blog. Without her, I would probably not have had the courage to jump off the cliff and just “do it,” for fear of failure and what others would think. She is all these things and more–She is a KINDRED SPIRIT!

“It’s better to have a partner than go it alone…And if one falls down, the other helps…

By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst…”

‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:9-10, 12‬ ‭MSG‬‬

She is Debra Kay Jones 🐝


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  1. My Sweet Friend “Hear Tokens,” I was so humbled as I read this at 6am, and I cried uncontrollably! Your act of kindness and sweet words have encouraged me greatly on this day! It has taken most of the morning to get myself together, so I could respond! Only God can explain our kindred spirits, and the friendship he brought forth many years ago (9) on EA! Only now can I see the details, and the planning……I would have been alone in my trials, if God had not made this connection. God left me a friend to see me through the darkness, when all abandoned me, you were the light house that kept shining, and your words and writings were beautiful and encouraged my soul! Is it coincidental your church is called “Lighthouse?” You spoke correctly we have shared it all , laughter, tears joy and yet we have yet to meet in person! Yet I know you, your heart, your song and the LOVE you have for all! You are LOVE in Action! I could not ask for a better friend! And one day I will sit in church with you and we will rejoice together all that God brought us through, for God deserves all glory, and he is not in the least surprised us two kindred spirits thrive!! God is Good and his plans always work for our good!

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      • Thanks again for inspiring and encouraging me to take the plunge, and just Blog It! I’m enjoying your writing so much! And I’m very sure that you are inspiring others! To God be the glory! 💃🙌


    • What a way to start the day! I’m crying like a baby myself! They say give those you love flowers now. Don’t wait till they are gone. I am learning every day to listen to God’s whispers. When His Spirit moves me to do something, I don’t ever want to brush it aside. I have been guilty of doing this before. We are all human. I have made up my mind though, on a daily, through the past decade not to quench His Spirit! I have found when we can’t get away from doing what we feel led to do, it is indeed God wanting us just to obey, without question. Yes, some will ridicule for this, and won’t believe, but Jesus endured the same dealings. YOU taught me to BE LOVE IN ACTION! God laid it on my heart to tell you how special you are. Never doubt that. Sometimes in the trials we go through, we have to walk alone, or we will never be useful to God or man. How can we tell others they will make it through cancer, if we have never walked down that road? How can we make others believe they will make it through the worst trial they have ever faced, if we haven’t walked in those shoes? Thank you for your kindness towards me and the words you have spoken about me today. They mean the world to me, but I am putting the spotlight back on you! It’s your time to shine! I love you friend, and I do believe that our friendship was God-ordained! Shine my friend! God loves you so much, and I do, too! 😘🤗

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