Oh. Happy. Day…

“A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

‭‭If your weekend was as impressive as mine, and mood any where near the looks of the dog in this pic, you may be in need of an extra coffee or two, along with, the whole barrel of that good medicine! (Errr—laughter, not wine!😂) The tummy-jiggling—bowl-full-of-jelly—quivering sort– that resembles St. Nick’s, the night before Christmas.  Now, I know what you just did–you had to recite a few lines from the book, didn’t you?–to get a visual?…(He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly)…hopefully, no thanks to me, you won’t get that stuck in your head for the day!…Anyways…

Some days feel a little akin to a Bad Hair Day, Terrible Taste-in-your Mouth Day–or even a “DO NOT like Green Eggs and Ham” kind of Day.  (Who wouldn’t like that? Right? 🤢) Which reminds me of the great big giganmous ‘bottle of chuckles’ I forcefully swigged down this morning. (Confession is good for the soul, they say)

I woke up feeling fairly satisfactory. The daylight hours were going pretty well, in my peaceful, grape decor-themed kitchen.  Until I just had to go and and mess it all up! A sight that burns my biscuits, (and my eyes) every single time I forget and glance over that way! Displayed atop the microwave is the ‘wonderful find’ my sweet hubby purchased and brought in over the weekend. (pushing my lovely vase to the back, I might add) Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that he so lovingly thought of me, as he snatched that sale right up, quicker than a catfish swallowing a worm! Everyone knows you gotta get it while it’s on sale! I can still see his innocent, glowing face as he informed me of the good news.  “Look what I found on sale, honey.”

I had a MOMENT!!!!—-You know the kind—where your face looks like you’ve been baptized in pickle juice…And for some reason, he clearly, and quite frankly, could NOT understand why I wasn’t as overjoyed as he, with this impressive and breath-taking piece of handiwork.  Words were spoken–not the quiet kind.  Wills clashed.  Swords clanged.  Sparks flew. And at the end of my ‘Pickle Juice Moment,’ I, formerly known as, Queen of my Grape-themed Kitchen, relinquished all power over to Sam-I-Am.  I am pickled pink 😂, you might say, to announce that I am proud owner (at the moment) of a brightly lit, diner-worthy, BBQ sign. 🍽

Ohhh…That Sam-I-Am!!!! 😇

Would you like green eggs and ham?

I do not like them Sam-I-Am.

Would you like them in a house? Would you like them with a mouse?

I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham.  I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.

Say! In the dark? Here in the dark! Would you, could you, in the dark?

I do not Sam-I-Am. I—-“Wait a minute! Did you say in the dark???🤔🤔–Why yes, yes I COULD, Sam-I-Am.  I think I COULD, after all, like green eggs and ham, HERE in the dark—–Yes! In my dark grape-decored-kitchen!—Just let me turn on that new, ‘Christmas-tree bright’ BBQ sign, you bought me, so we can see a little better,” I say with pickle puckered lips…..Oh. happy. day!

😂🤣😂🤣😇 😜

(❤️you Sam-I-Am😘🤗)

(Laughter really is good medicine! Smile so no one thinks you’ve been baptized in pickle juice, for real! 😆🤗)

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