Beauty Has a Name

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My heart is saddened to hear of the passing of another dear elder lady in our surrounding community. I didn’t know her very well. In fact, I just met her recently at the funeral of a dear friend’s mother’s passing. I asked if anyone was sitting by her. The pews were packed. I was searching for a vacant seat. She graciously slid over a spot to make room for me. The radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes caught my attention. She had a kind disposition, and I knew immediately that I liked her. I’m sure she was well-loved by all those whose lives she had touched by her gracious heart. It was strange how I found out about her passing. Almost quite by accident. Two of my friends and I were talking about how it’s such a small world. One was sharing the fact that she had discovered that a woman who had just passed was connected with someone she knew. I don’t know why, but after a few details were revealed, I just KNEW that it had to be the lady who I had sat by at the funeral, the 90 year-old who had just passed away. The friend who was sharing the news, looked up her obituary online, and showed me the picture. My heart sank, and tears came to my eyes– it was, in fact, the beautiful soul, who had been so kind in conversation to me that day. After reading the obituary, I realized she was also, connected to someone I knew. My father had worked with her husband for years and were good friends.
They don’t make them like they use to. This particular generation knew what it was like to sacrifice, work hard, reverence the flag and country, and have God carry them through the many hard times. They are the children of the roaring 20’s! My father was one of them, as well, as my step-mom. My mother was born in the early 30’s. And there are many others who I was privileged and graced to know. Maybe I should just include all those who were born in the early 1900’s to before the 50’s. They knew what it was like to wave good-bye to their loved ones going off to war, some never making it back. They were the “Old Souls” who lived to be in their late 70’s, 80’s, and many well into their 90’s. They must have discovered a secret to longevity. I think one key factor was the LOVE they shared. Loving others as self, doing unto others as they would have them do unto them, giving, sharing the love they had received from their Savior. Their lives left beautiful footprints that will always be imprinted into our hearts. They ran a good race, kept the FAITH, and now have entered into their eternal reward. Their names will always be remembered. Beauty has a name. {Luther Miller, Ernestine (Denmark) Miller, Nerene (Crocker) Miller, Bessie Bradley, and Ima Jean (Welford) Lambert–and many others, too many to mention.} But you know them already. They are imprinted into your hearts. (You are welcome to leave their names in the comment section below to honor them, if you would like-God Bless~) May they all Rest in Peace.

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