Happy Birthday, Jesus—more of YOU and less of me

Thinking back to the morning’s worship service, the song, ‘More of you and LESS of me,’ still brings tears to my eyes. It’s actually the ONLY thing that I need this Christmas. (I will be happy and content with what I already have!) As we were singing this song in the choir, a feeling of humbleness came over me. I imagined the dirty stable where Joseph and Mary lay in the hay, snuggling with their newborn baby boy–My Salvation! Shepherds, wise men, Simeon, and the barn animals were witness to this miraculous birth. I could see the star as it bathed them all with it’s brilliant light, and thousands of angels dancing overhead in the heavens, rejoicing! I imagined the hurt and grief Mary must have felt all those months, knowing that most assumed her to be impure. When she layed eyes on ‘The Miracle,’ Her miracle, it was worth it all. She suffered wrongfully, but here was her reward–and our reward. Such a small gift to give to the world…Himself.

Jesus, such a big gift you have given to me! I need more, more of you, and much less–way less of me.


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