Spam Anyone?

Please pass the spam–Just kidding…I don’t really like that stuff myself!

Just a friendly reminder to check your spam folder from now on. Apparently there’s a glitch on WordPress right now.

I think a lot of my comments are getting the boot🥾–right into the old Spam bucket! I have commented on several posts, and they’re not showing up on my end.

Thanks! Wishing you all a good night 😴💤


  1. Yep, I had two of your comments and two from Ryan in my spam folder. I’ve learned to check mine daily now.

    But hey Spam thinly sliced and fried with a fried egg makes for one heck of a sandwich. And cubed Spam tossed with with your French fries…yummy. But I’m weird so…

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  2. Ooops! I didn’t get your comment either Renee. Haven’t looked in Spam though. I never think to. Thanks for the alert


  3. Renee I just looked and your comment on my piece about the graveyard wasn’t in there or Trash either. I don’t know what is happening. I would have loved to have read your comment. I think quite a few of your comments to me might have disappeared somehow. I thought you had stopped commenting on my stuff but just liked it. Now I don’t know. Anyway, don’t know how we deal with this ine! Hope you have had a goid night’s sleep. ❤️

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