Wildflowers/Alphabet Post Challenge 2019

Stu at Something to Stu Over has brought back the Alphabet Post Challenge.

This is how the challenge was born

👉 Read here ~

Make sure you stop in to see Stu’s posts that help people struggling with addiction, and read about his own testimony! Thanks again, Stu for the tag in this fun Alphabet Post Challenge and sharing in my crazy journey along the way🤪 😃


The lovely wildflowers on the back side of our property. I love the yellow, brown-eyed Susans!

Picking wildflowers…”I can see the wheels turning in my grandson’s head, “What is this stuff Nonna, can I eat it?”

~Weeds or Wildflowers–Tomatoe/ Tomato?🤷‍♀️ It’s all in the eye of the beholder~

Now a moment to share what happened this morning. After I packed my hubs lunch and sent him on his way to work at 3 a.m.–I went back to bed and decided to get to the bottom of why my comments were hitting everyone’s Spam folder. Around 4 a.m., all of a sudden, I heard and felt pounding hooves hitting the earth running helter skelter all over the yard! I thought maybe I was going crazy lol. 😜🤪🤔. Until I heard a horse neigh.

I jumped up to see what was the matter! Grabbed a flashlight and took off into a dark yard! Could there be a Head-less Horseman riding around my yard?!!😂🤣

You guessed it, another neighbors animal had gotten loose and came a visiting! He was running WILD😜 and scared and ran into the electric fence. He neighed again and ran all over the field. I called to him, and he was finally calming down and walking over to me, when my protective dog decided to bark.

The poor thing took off down the driveway. I pray he’s not injured. I haven’t heard anything yet😬😜

This place is getting to be a regular funny farm around here! Sassy the cow has gotten loose several more times and made her way back here. We tried putting her in the fence and she kept breaking out, until she got caught in the electric fence! We haven’t seen her in a couple of days! But I’m sure she’ll be back–to this Wild and Crazy Funny Farm!!!! 🤪😂👀

~Wild daisies and Upside down sky~🙃

~More daisies along the driveway

~White gardenias~

~Unripe wild blackberries–I’ve eaten my share of these as a child~

~I can almost smell these perfume scented Gardenias~ 🐝

~Dandelion Wishes~

~Another white Gardenia~

~White and Black Print~

~Woodchimes~ one of my most favorite sounds~


Here are the guidelines:

Acknowledge the blogger that challenged you.

Display the challenge photo or create your own 🙂

Link back to this post so I can read yours.

Create one post or multiple posts, as I did, using a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet and share your thoughts on the word you chose and how it can be applied to our lives.

Be creative! Use words, pictures, gifs…whatever just have fun. 🙂

Nominate/tag as many bloggers as you would like to participate.

I nominate ALL of my dear friends!😄🤗


  1. I love ALL your pictures!! I can’t wait for all the blackberry bushes around our land to be ripe for picking. It’s a fun time for us all minus the thorns. 😄🤣

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  2. I love the upside down photo. You you get ants in your pants laying on the ground too long 🙂

    Sounds like you neighbor needs to build stronger fences. 😁😁 Do they have goats? He could just let them out every once in a while to mow your grass for you.

    I’m so glad you are having fun with the challenge 🙂

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  3. Hello Renee. I came here tobtell you that I made a post this morning about comments going into Spam. Well, two actually. I will email you when I can but am exhausted with trying to sort it all out. It wasn’t only yours. But most of yours of late have. But real spamners put huge long posts in, pages long, that obscured all my friends’ pists that had gone into there. I have approved yours now, or most of them, so they now apoear at the end of my posts. But I haven’t got around to replying to absolutely all of them. It’s been exhausting. I don’t know how to stop yours and other peopkes’ posts going in there. Many of Gary’s did too. Speak soon ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand Lorraine. It was really exhausting for me to try to figure out if I had changed something myself. It could be that my posts are long lately with the pics? Ryan talked with Support and, they told him if a person comments a lot on posts, WordPress treats you like you are a Spambot. And I do a lot of commenting! It’s frustrating, because that’s what we are here for is to support one another’s posts. I hope they can fix that!

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      • Renee it was nothing that you did. Others ended up in Spam too. The room was full lol. I deleted ALL the true spammers before I went out this afternoon, and my Spam was completely empty. I just got home, and there were 4 new ones there plus another of my friends who had never ended up in there before. Please keep commenting on my posts when you want to. You kept me going so often. I lived ohr exchanges. Iwill deal with it by looking in my Spam folder twice a day. Love you my friend


      • Renee does this mean that you are going to stop comnenting? I did see that you had put a lot of pics up but of course I could not see them, but I read the words. I tend to comment a lot too. I am not the only one with this problem. Riverside Peace has had it. Gary from bereveavedandbeinfasingleparent has jad it too. Various others have had it. I want to maintain our friendship. When this occurred at first, and a lot of people seemed to have left me, I thought it was my fault. I spent a lot of time crying since my blog is all I have left, and yet I decided to delete it because I could not stand the pain any more on top if all my other pain and rejections. I still don’t know what to do. I feel so bad. Xx

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      • Don’t you dare delete your blog my dear Lorraine!!! This issue will be fixed soon! I just haven’t had time to take care of it! I will keep commenting on your posts. Some having been getting through on blogs and some haven’t shown up.


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