Take Me Back

Wow! I love this song! I woke up with this song playing in my head this morning. Hope it blesses someone!


~Me on the way to church yesterday

I couldn’t tell you the countless times I have came through that side door before church started and seen teenage guys adjusting their ties, girls readjusting their hair, and I usually just smile and walk on. But yesterday, I felt the need to stop and take my own inventory!

We have to learn to love ourselves for who we are in spite of all the flaws! ✌️


      • No, I haven’t been to a church like my father’s in many years. He is a fiery Pentecostal “Hell Fire and Brimstone” preacher and the best man I know. I love and respect him more than any man on earth.

        I’m not very familiar with the different kind of Pentecost. I was a member of the Church of God. I didn’t wear make-up, jewelry, pants, shorts, shirts without sleeves, and my skirts had to be at least knee length. Most of my childhood, I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music or go to the movie theater.

        Church was AMAZING. It went on for hours. I went 3 times a week and revival was so good. I miss it.

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      • Girl…You got some roots!🙌 Church will never be the same without a Purple Rose!! We have to realize that there’s something always missing if we are not there! The body is made up of many parts….I laughingly tell my friends that I think I’m the toe! But you know, one time a preacher came through and preached that if you cut off the big toe, see what happens to the body….you literally can’t even walk without that one small part missing! And you my friend, are missed by our sweet Lord! Nobody else really matters, but you and Jesus! 🌹🥀 💜

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      • Hahaha! Yes, I do. They run deep. ❤️

        That’s a very good way to look at people being the body! I think you are more than just a toe. 😉

        I wish I could go back to when I was younger in Church. I would give ANYTHING to go back and start over. Church was my favorite place be. I loved getting dressed up. I loved the praise and worship. I loved to sit on the front row. I loved listening to my father preach. I loved to feel the pages of my Bible as I was turning to the verses he was preaching from. I loved to take notes. I loved seeing my father lay hands on the sick and see miracles happen. I loved seeing people get set free from demonic possession. I loved how no matter what people had done, they were welcome and God’s Grace was just… amazing. I honestly loved everything about church. ❤️

        I don’t think I make a big difference sister Renee. I’m just a girl who was in awe of it all and for some reason, God chose to put me in the pastor family that He did.

        Thank you for your kind words. You are so sweet. 💕 God bless you. 🙏🏻

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      • You may be right girl! I may not be the toe, may be more like the rump!😂 No, seriously, Purple Rose, I am over here balling after reading this! Such a heavy burden came over me! The part where you don’t think you make a difference…It just broke my heart! I see myself in those words! But the truth is, you will always be that “Little Princess” in God’s eyes! To Him, you never messed up! You never missed the mark! He no longer sees those mistakes….they are gone. Those memories you painted in your words is all He sees—His little girl, His little princess, who loved to dress up! He put you in that family for a reason. And you DO make a difference! Your stories have touched me. They let me know there is always HOPE! 💜🙏🤗

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      • The rump?!!! You are so funny!

        Oh sister Renee, I didn’t mean to make you cry! I had no idea my words affected people like they do. Much less, give anyone hope. I am deeply touched. ❤

        I am so used to being… treated differently by my family who are all pastors, even my mother has that title. I am the one who doesn't fit in.

        My mother never lets me forget, she reminds me of my past and humiliates me in front of people. I would leave speechless lots of Sundays, go home very confused and sad. The constant disapproving looks and remarks/orders from my mother really hurt me. She is the kind of person who actually claimed she had "committed no sin". As for me, she told me that I will "probably go to Heaven".

        My father seemed to enjoy my participation in Church/Bible study, but only when I agreed with him 100%. I do not like to upset anyone. Just bringing my rainbow study Bible (I could understand it better) instead of the KJV to Bible study got me looked at and remarks. I was so embarrassed when he made me read aloud. I had the wrong Bible for reading at Church. I realized that one was better left at home for personal use. I felt so bad, I ordered a beautiful KJV Bible with my name engraved on the front and I carried it religiously while attending my father's Church.

        No matter what I do, I will never be good enough. I was "raised better" and I should have "known better" and "God doesn't forgive sin if you knew it was sin and decided to do it anyways'. Unlimited grace is only for the members and their kids it seems. I'm sure I didn't turn out the way my parents wanted. I'm just… me.

        I do believe what I believe with all of my heart. My love for God… my faith in God is unshakable. Always has been. It is my faith in myself that is the problem and my doubt that God will let me in after all of my mistakes.

        No one ever talks to me the way you do my sweet sister. I have never thought of myself the way you described. I never thought about God seeing me as His little girl… His little princess. Thank you so much. ❤

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      • Now I know “why” that heavy burden fell on me! I was feeling what you were feeling! I’m gonna talk straight from my heart here for a minute. You can email if you don’t feel comfortable sharing any more info here. ( wildflowers4evr@gmail.com) I can’t vouch for anyone else, but as a parent myself, (you being a parent will understand) my children don’t attend church anywhere right now. They don’t live the way I raised them, but I love them unconditionally no matter what! They know Moma always has lived by this rule, “He that is without sin, cast the first stone.” God is their judge, I don’t try to condemn them in anything they’re doing. Yes, I do get concerned, but take it to God. I pray for them-HARD!!! It’s our place to LOVE our children after they are out of our homes. And I do love them, because they are my princesses. I dedicated them to God. But more than my love, they are His more than they are mine! And He has great plans for them! I have that promise! No disrespect, but you need to find a church, that is a hospital for the wounded. If you can’t find that where you grew up, do what you have to do. You may get some opposition, but it’s important for your healing to be accepted into a fold where you can worship freely and be happy. You are that princess that God is waiting for, He’s watching for His daughter to walk through the doors of the church He is calling you to attend. Pray! He will most certainly lead you! Your parents will come around. But first and foremost, is you and God. Forgive me if I’ve overstepped! I don’t mean any harm. God Bless girl.

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  1. Love this song, never heard it before but my goodness it will preach. He will always take us back. My son was a prodigal for a while and I ask everyone to pray he would be miserable in the pig pen. Thank God he was and the Father took him right back in. Great message. I was not raised anything except to survive, heard the sweet gospel of grace at a Baptist church but my heart is full of Him, not a denomination, just Him so I can worship inside and outside the church. Grateful for the Holy Spirit who gives me freedom to enjoy others joy in the Lord. Love this post, the message, the song…perfect for me to read at the end of long day.

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    • It’s great to hear from you again Betty! How have you been? Thank you for your kind words! You are always an inspiration to me. Sharing the story about your prodigal gives me hope for mine and your story of grace! Where would we be without that grace that keeps us worshipping Him inside and outside the church?! ❤️


      • Life has been pretty busy, trying to keep up with ministry, traveling, writing blog, facebook, and working on my book, meeting up with friends. You are refreshing and sincere or so I sense that from your blog. You are having a ministry with those who read your post.

        the longer I walk with Him the more I know, not feel, but know from the Word that He so wants us to have freedom to worship Him without having to walk on egg shells. I do believe in not offending on purpose but times are changing and God is changing me to be more bold and speak truth more often without reservation. He is so alive and wants us to live like He is too. I hear your heart in your word for your son, it’s painful but nothing new. So the prodigal coming back is nothing new either, it’s all when they get tired of the pig pen as I call it. sometimes they not
        physically in a pig pen but there hearts are cold to Him…Our daughter was that way for a while when we took her to Bolivia. she never got in our face or rebelled outwardly to us but she was so mad at God for taking her away from all she ever knew. She got depressed, so much so we thought we were going to have to come home and would have. We had Christmas break and we ask her to at least try one more semester at the boarding school. Her class went on a hiking trip. so they on got on the back of a truck filled with Bolivian to get to where they were going to camp. coming back on another truck, Tara was playing with some of the little kids trying speak what little Spanish she knew. then God spoke to Tara heart, not through her Mom or Dad but straight to Tara heart. She heard these words in her heart, Tara, who is going to tell those little kids about Jesus. It broke her heart. A few weeks later of God softening her heart she gave testimony in chapel to this event. From that point on she was a changed young women. She cried when she graduated and had to come back to the state for college. She loves deeply and when she finally gives in to Him its more then 100 percent. she always said she would never marry anyone in the ministry and never be a missionary. She was going to be a teacher, have a nice house with everything that matched. So we brought her home, she cried every night at college, stepped out , got a job. after working part time for alittle while she told her Dad she didn’t make enough money for all she needed, he told her, get another job. Real life was becoming real life to our daughter. finally it was time for us to return to Bolivia and we knew she would go back with us if we ask but we also knew she needed to get on with growing up. she finally gave in and went to bible school, met her future mate, an Mk and they married and ended up in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Nothing she had matched but she loved what they did and cried when they came home. Do don’t be discouraged about your son, God will not waste what ever his trial is and for us parents, well, it keeps us before the throne room yet learning our kids are really His not ours. REally believing that gives us courage to keep our walk with Christ where it should be. Life is in Christ, not our marriage, our children, our things, our feelings, our what ever it is besides Him. Easy to write but so hard to live, it’s a battle to stay focus with so much going on . that why monks go live in the middle of no where and tell no one about the saving grace of Christ. We are not monks, we are living, breathing, words of God, His children, talking His talk, sharing His ways. Oh my goodness I wrote a chapter of my book, well almost. blessings.


  2. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate these days! I hope you are getting rest between all the hustle and bustle busyness! 🤗 Thanks for the compliment Betty! It means a lot. I feel the same about you! And it’s true – the more we grow in Him, the nite we just “know.” I’m so glad for your children getting back to God- He knows the way we should all take! Thanks so much for the encouragement. It’s nice to see people who have went through what we are going through and have made it through to the other side! 🙌🏼 I pray you can finish your book soon! Sounds great! 🙂🤗❤️


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