My Little Princess You Will Be

Hush my child it will be ok, Let me wipe every concern away.

I am near, you are never alone, I was with you even a long time ago.

I held your hand when you cried out in fear, I prayed for you, my precious dear!

Each tear you cried, I bottled up, never think that you are not good enough.

Plans I’ve made, for your life–to make a difference–healing you from all strife.

You are valuable, a beautiful pearl, my “Little Princess,” My Baby Girl.

I paid the cost, it did not come cheap, I gave all, hush child, not a peep!

You were worth it, I don’t regret, the day in your mother’s womb you were knit!

Hush my child, I planned your birth, don’t ever think you don’t have worth!

Hush my child, come unto me–My Little Princess, you will always be–

~Renee Greene~ Heart Tokens


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