Rocking the Bot

In light of the lingering ongoing Spam issue here on WP…it has jogged my memory of an old episode of Sponge Bob–where they catch ole Mr. Krabs dancing to a Robot song and think he’s turned into a robot.. 😆🤖 Hope it makes you laugh like it did me! 😂…Here’s the very short clips:

Bee Boo Boo Bop
The Robot Song 🤖


  1. After I read what someone else posted about comments going to spam, I started looking in my spam folder. I found 2 comments from you by doing that. Now I check my spam folder at least every other day. 🙂

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      • Nina, I am so sorry that my comments still won’t go through on your posts! 😭 I tried to email support, but my internet is giving me troubles, going in and out, so I don’t know if the issue can be resolved this week… sigh….The earliest they can come look at our internet is next Tues. I tried to tell you on the post you just wrote about, how beautiful it is! I could feel your heart and soul in it! And I truly believe healing for your soul 🙂 If we can only learn to curl up in that lap and hear him breathe with us! ❤️🙏

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      • Aw Renee, thank you. 🙏🏻. Our internet is all screwy too. Solar flares? But we’ve also had trouble. Sigh…
        Glad you like this! Was feeling kinda shy about it—played it for my husband—a very sweet response from him. I do enjoy reading and recording. It is healing. Funny-while recording, our cat was curled up on my lap—purring away! That last take—he was silent.

        Well, another day another month! This year is going by so fast. They seem to go faster and faster…
        Thank you, my dear friend for your kind and supportive words. 💞💞💞

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      • You are welcome! It was really really great! Not everyone has a great speaking voice (I’m in that number 😢) I’m so glad that you took the risk, because it’s a very unique and creative way for you to post. I think everyone enjoyed it! It sounds like you may even have a great singing voice, as well 😄 And even your kitty took notice!…I noticed yesterday that the time has flown for this year. Summer will be over before we know it😢 And always know that your WP family is here for you-me included! ❤️🤗🙏

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      • I think just about anyone can develop a great voice. Really. And if you saw just how many outtakes I did—you’d be like “Girl! Get on with it!” HaHa! Practice practice practice…
        And no-I don’t have a great singing voice—at all—but, I enjoy singing especially to heavy metal music. It’s an outlet for when the energy gets trapped inside and needs to be released. Then I turn up the music and play “air-drum”. Haha! What would the neighbors think if they saw me? Makes me giggle the thought of it.
        But thank you. I am encouraged to experiment more. Thinking about recording some old poems…
        Our WP family is awesome!! Creative, supportive, kind and warm hearted. God is smiling—I’m sure of it. 🙂

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      • I think He is smiling down on us all, using the talents that He has given each of us for His glory! I can just see you singing and beating those air drums hee hee 😜 I sing because it makes me happy and to make a joyful “noise.” I’m sure it’s more noise for all those around me lol. 🙉🙉 I love contemporary Christian. It fills me with peace. Check it out. It may be another avenue for you also! I listen to K-LOVE and have an app on my iPhone for it. Keep up the clips! They’re awesome!! 😎


      • Way back when I used to occasionally sing in our church—contemporary Christian Amy Grant. It was fun. I was so shy!!

        I enjoy all forms of music—as long as it speaks to my soul and is morally edifying.

        Drives me nuts at the chiropractor when they put the pop station on. Really? You want to torture me with this driveling whining soulless garbage? Ha! I am “selective”

        K-LOVE eh? I’ll check it out. You do always have great songs you post. I like when a song brings me to the good tears. 😊

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  2. Everyone has their own personal taste in music for sure😄😎 It’s good to have an outlet. See?!!!! I knew you could sing! 😁 Contemporary Christian has came a long way since Amy Grant. She actually left the scene there, and went on to singing country for a while. I think she crossed back over to Christian…dunno for sure… I haven’t heard anything of hers lately.


  3. Lolol I remembered watching SpongeBob A LOT! When I was younger in my teen years of course 😀 but getting older and wiser I realized it had a lot occultism behind it. I remembered the last Episode I had watched where they sell there souls to a ghost or something like that and this I knew God was showing me back then. After that I never watched it again until this day. Blessings & grace.

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